David's Reviews: 8771 Jayko

You know, you don’t see people review Knight’s Kingdom very often, so I decided to do it myself.
Today I am reviewing Jayko, set number 8771, released in 2004, and originally retailing for 6$.

Now, the first thing I like about him is his very consistent color scheme, consisting of Light Blue, white, and a little bit of gold. This is clearly a pro about him.
Now as a size comparison, it’s about the hight of a Toa Metru

Of course, being system-based limits his poseability , and he lacks the high articulation of the Bionicle sets, but you can still manage to put him in some cool poses

His weapons consist of a Sword and a Shield (which was pretty much the same weapons everyone had in the first two waves of Knight’s Kingdom)

Unfortunately, the shield is probably the worst part about the set, being as thin as paper instead of being an actual piece. Thankfully, they changed that in the 2nd wave with molded pieces, which worked so much better!
The shield is attached with this interesting piece which was never used afterwards as far as I am aware

The head uses a new piece where you can attach the helmet on, and you can also open or close it
The face looks a little flat, but it works considering that it’s supposed to resemble a minifigure. Story-wise, Jayko is the youngest of the four knights, this explaining his face

The back looks terribly unfinished, but that doesn’t personally bother me very much

And now, probably a highlight of the set: The Gear Function:

What you are supposed to do is turn the back lever, and the arm will swing, in the same way as the Toa Mata. But what it’s great about this is that the function does not limit the poseability whatsoever, fixing the con of most of the Bionicle sets that used this function. Another good thing is that the gear function does not make a full 360° Spin as the Toa Mata, stoping at one point, making it feel more realistic. Those are definitely an improvement from the Toa gear function in my opinion.

It’s all incorporated in the body piece, which some people may not like because it’s a huge molded piece that it’s hard to use elsewhere, but I personally quite like it, and I also like how the gear function is directly integrated within it.
Lastly, I want to bring up another thing I found cool about them: Their canister.

While it doesn’t do anything, I really like how it resembles a castle, with the lid being like a watch tower. You can even put some minifigs on!

Also those castle wall details on the sides look really cool. Overall, this canister makes up for quite an attractive packaging! (Please forgive me for the a little damaged canister, this is the way I got him)
So this has been my review of Jayko. I will give it a 8/10, and I highly recommend it. (Although the next waves were a lot better because of the better shields) And it’s 6$ price tag is quite a good deal, 5$ was usually the price if the Matorans in Bionicle.
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You haven’t addressed the elephant in the room: if you turn it upside down, would the hand automatically go up because of the gear function? [quote=“LegoDavid, post:1, topic:48736”]
Do you overall like it?

It’s a nice old said, but it doesn’t compare to what is made nowadays.


Well, I think this holds up quite well today. If it didn’t compare with what we had nowadays, than I would have probably never had any interest in getting them.

That’s your opinion. The blocky and boring design, the limited articulation, and the face, are big cons for me.

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You can actually fit a plate perfectly in the canister lid, as well as put flags in the peg holes on the canister lid.


Oh yes, forgot to mention that! Thanks for reminding me!

The shield is attached with this interesting piece which was never used afterwards as far as I am aware

This piece was used to represent side view mirrors in 8435 4WD and 8436 Truck in 2004, then it was discontinued.

@Toa_Vladin It’s not turquoise. It’s a color bricklink calls “medium blue”. It’s the blue used in the technic super battle droid, nepol and shimmel, and spidermonkey.


One of the best themes LEGO has ever made!

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