David's Reviews: Hero Factory 2193 Jetbug (2011)

I am back with another review, this time we have Jetbug, set number 2193, which was released in 2011 as part of the Hero Factory Ordeal of Fire line, and originally retailed for 13$.

Here are some pictures of him from different angles.

Let’s start with probably the most interesting par of him: His head:

As you can see, on one side there is Jetbug’s face, and on the other, there is Nitro Blast’s face

This is a feature that I always found interesting about the Ordeal of Fire: All 4 if them have a double head.

His main (and only function) is his blaster, which is just the same as the 2009 Thornax launcher, which is activated by squeezing both of the sides

Now looking at Jetbug’s design, I have to say, he looks very cool. Probably my favourite thing about him is his Jet-Pack in his back

Oh man, how much I love those things.

Other then this, he is pretty much a standard Hero Factory build, which will will see throughout the line.


  • Cool new pieces and recolors.
  • Cool design
  • HIS JETPACK IS AWESOME. (And from here probably his name comes)

Cons: Can’t really think of any, to be honest.

Overall, I love this set. He is cool, and has a tone of cool recolors and new parts, that will never be used again after this wave. Also his price is pretty fair for what you get. For my final score, I will give this set a 10/10.

EDIT: Sorry if some parts are missing or are in the wrong color, this is the way I got him. But I hope you got the general idea of the set.


This review seems really off. First of all, the set isn’t even complete. Some pieces are the wrong shape or colour, others aren’t even there. The trans-neon-Orange pieces on the jet pack shouldn’t even be on the model!

And then of course there’s the fact that the review doesn’t really go into much detail on the figure. To say that there are no cons is odd, because everything has its flaws. One could be the fact that there’s another head on the back of his face, or that he looks skinny in some places.

I don’t really know what to say here. At least check that the set is complete before you review it!


This is the way I got him. I don’t think I should scrap the review just because 2 or 3 pieces are missing. And I said I personally don’t see any cons with it. I actually like the head on the back. Thanks for your advice, anyway. I will consider this for my next review.

It’s not 2 or 3 missing pieces, almost all the red spikes are missing, one of the jet pack flames is missing, half the joints are grey instead of black, the foot spikes are the wrong length, the gun’s on the wrong arm, and the ball is solid red instead of red-yellow melded.


Yes, I know. But as I said, this is the way I got him from a lot of Bionicle and Hero Factory. But people will still get the general idea of this set.

It doesn’t work like this. If you want to review a set, it must be complete.


Plus the review is very bland, just saying that his head has two faces and that his gun shoots.


And praising the jet pack.

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Ok… I will know this for next time. But I can’t really present the figure that well just useing photos, so I thought one picture was enough.

This is a terrible review

  1. It’s the most subjective review ever
  2. The set is incomplete
  3. There are way more cons
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Reviews are meant to be subjective.


Already knew that, telling me that again doesn’t help.

I know but it’s too subjective, nothing is perfect

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There isn’t something that is too subjective. This is his opinion. Wheter it’s flawed or not is a completely different thing.

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I’m not a huge fan of this set, but it is a nice parts pack. It’s one of three HF sets that use bright light orange, the others being Furno 1.0 and Stringer 3.0. This is also the only HF character with BLO ccbs bones and a BLO mask. It’s funny how in BIONICLE G1 yellow parts were rare and BLO was common while in HF the opposite happened.


What does that stand for?

BLO = Bright Light Orange

Let’s also not forget about the trans orange pieces, those are really cool, and didn’t came out in many sets!

-Weird armouring
-Bulky shoulder armour
-No back armour
-Boring weapons


The Jetpack covers up the back, so no need for that.