DC Comics [Warning Spoilers]

Say which book you’re talking about above spoiler tags.

Discuss any comic book made by DC.


Added Info about Spoilers-Whaddon

anyway I do not read comic since they are rarely in Stores I go to
but I have seen Reviews of Comics such as the Aquaman Reboot

where he flips over a truck

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I’m going to start buying comics online because there aren’t any stores near me.

I usally buy comics from amazon, to be honest.

BTW I haven’t read the end of Batman Eternal. Does anyone know if it’s good?

I buy comics where I find them, seeing that my local store is closing.

and before free comic book day as well

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Well, it closed in April.
I think Amazon does stuff for FCBD, though.

I just got a Green Lanter book from 1988 today. The villain was the evil Doctor Ub’x or something like that. He’s a sadistic beaver. It was strange.


Batman is great.
Death of the family, court of owls, and especially endgame are great.
I’m liking superheavy so far.


I don’t get comics. It’s too confusing for me.

I go on the DC wiki or the Marvel wiki to find out more about certain series.


Then DC Rebirth is just for you.