Hey guys,

I thought I would make a topic where we can discuss everything DCTV related! Whether it’s Arrow or Gotham we can stir up things to discuss!

For instance, what did you guys think of the finales for this year?


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Arrow is a bad show.


Flash and Legends are great shows.

I’m like six episodes away from finishing Flash season 4, it’s on Netflix so I can watch it more easily, but I haven’t even start Legends season 3 yet.

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@Leoxander It’s actually gotten a lot better in the recent seasons

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Yeah Flash is good but legends is a little insane, especially this season lmao.

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I really liked season 2 but that was probably just because Reverse Flash was in it…

I stopped watching arrow two episodes I to season 4. I haven’t gotten around to watching Flash after season 3, or past one episode of Legends. Supergirl was kind of meh, and I haven’t watched Black Lightning.

I’ve never really been into them. Plus I’ve heard that they’re essentially soap operas now. Sometimes I consider watching them but they’re DC so, ew.

CW Flash is like the only good thing about DC right now, so much that I hated the Justice League Flash for it.

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Yeah the Ezra Miller Flash definitely was not how the original character is at all. To be honest he almost suits Wally West better (not that I want him to play Wally either)

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I’ve only ever watched two DC shows: Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow is a guilty pleasure of mine, mainly because I know how silly it can be compared to everything else (for those who disagree, the season 3 final battle is a clear example of what I mean). Despite that, I enjoy it for its silliness, and Heatwave is my favorite character in the CW roster.

Gotham is just a good show overall. I like their direction with several of the characters, especially Riddler. Without a doubt, my two favorite characters are Jerome and Jeremiah, for reasons only regular watchers of the show would understand.

I would count Lucifer as one of my other favorites, as it’s based off of the DC comics of the same name, but it’s a bit of a departure from the source material. Also, it was canceled for reasons.

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I watch nearly all of the CW broadcasts (can’t do Arrow beyond crossovers, too dark for me) and never directly got into Gotham or iZombie. About the only two I actively enjoy watching is LoT and The Flash.

Still holding out hope one of the shows will finally introduce Lanterns, preferably The Flash to make Barry a Blue Lantern, even if only a deputy. Blackest Night for series-wide crossover, please.

… Black Lantern Martin Stein o_o;;


Most likely the Lanterns will be left for the DCEU or a film, too much VFX are required