This excerpt has been taken from the Shadowed One’s ledger of Dark Hunters.

Despite what some may believe, not every Matoran in the universe is motivated by a sense of duty to Mata Nui. Some, like the Matoran that would become Deadpool, were motivated by more…practical things. Thousands of years ago, back on his home island, this Matoran would take any job for the right price. Unfortunately, the island’s resident Makuta got word of this and decided to punish him in a rather unique way. He became one of many test subjects for this Makuta’s experiments. These unlucky souls took bets on which one of them would meet a grisly end first in a “dead pool.”

Deadpool himself was one of the few successes of this program, gaining incredible regenerative powers that render him near immortal. Sadly, this came at the cost of his sanity and appearance. Behind his mask lies a truly hideous visage. Deadpool ended up escaping this program and slayed his island’s Makuta. Afterwards, he drifted around for some time, accepting whatever jobs came his way before ending up under my employ.

While Deadpool is, in fact, an incredibly effective Dark Hunter, he is also very annoying. He is constantly talking, sometimes to an imagined audience that he believes is constantly watching him. Whether or not this is an act to keep enemies off guard or if he truly is this insane does not matter to me. As long as he continues to be of use, I can tolerate his…eccentricities.

Powers: Despite his buffoonish nature, Deadpool is a highly skilled swordsman and marksman, wielding twin protosteel katanas and a gun which he has nicknamed “the Nicieza.” Outside of his weaponry, Deadpool has enhanced strength and, most notably, an incredible healing ability. Cut off his arm and in the span of minutes a new one will grow back as good as new. Deadpool’s most unique – and most irritating – skill is his motormouth. His constant rambling tends to distract and disorient his opponents.

Status: Active. Deadpool is constantly kept on missions away from my island, simply because I do not want to hear his incessant rambling.

I made a Deadpool MOC and decided to have a bit of fun with the presentation here


"Dang Skippy! Where are my manners? Introductions! Call me Deadpool.
It rhymes with no school! Too cool! Ain’t no fool and I’m the best that there is at what I do-ool."