I have known you for the greater half of my life, and for that, I count myself amongst the most privileged. In truth, I had only discovered your complexities in the second grade, and was considered a newcomer for the fact. It was then you were at the height of your prime, the true optimus, and as such, I disclosed myself to your world. It was there I found all manner of creatures, from innocent rahi-beasts to the insidious Teridax, and every being in between. You taught me the valuable lessons which come with responsibility, and you showed us all that heroes aren’t born, but made.
It was with your deep web of connections that I first truly discovered music, art and writing, and as such, the greater world around me. I had enclosed myself in you, allowing the darkness of the Pit to envelop me as I learned of people’s complexity and of true evil. You kept me safe inside while I peered through you, unwrapping the secrets you hold. You showed me that emotion is powerful and driving, as is ambition, greed and hope. You showed me that triumphs are never easily won, and defeats are to be learned from.
Even after the plans of one Makuta succeeded, the heroes I had grown up with and known as a member of my family were thrown into turmoil and chaos. I saw the truth of desperation through your eyes and how darkness and light are truly a balance. Even as new heroes fought in strange lands, I stayed by your side, taking it all for granted.
Then you left, suddenly and destructively, leaving a large hole in my life. After you were gone, I learned that my seclusion cost me greatly, for nowhere had I to go. I learned what heartbreak was, sorrow, depression and guilt. In your absence you taught me more about the cold, harsh reality that the universe can impose upon us than any other had in their presence. I was forced to leave you behind, boxed up, disassembled around the walls in which you and I called home.
I moved on. I made new connections, new companionships and new enemies. I searched for another to teach me again in the ways of the world, but found only shadows of you wherever I looked. Eventually, I learned to forget, to push myself away from my past, and in effect, you. I began to use the music I discovered through you as a refuge, the art inspired by you as a comfort, and the stories you showed me another reality in which I could slip to, yet I never knew you were there. All along, you guided me, through the hard-learned lessons engraved in my mind, I found I was not alone. I found that the once precious memory of a cocoon in which I wrapped myself was one of many hundreds of thousands.
I began to rediscover you, I began to remember the old lessons and the old stories. I wanted to tell my own, with deep characters and insidious villains. I wanted to recreate the childhood I remembered with a golden glow. I craved to be in your safety once again, I needed to learn the hardest lessons without you, and it scared me. For years, I had a guide, a mentor, a friend walk me through reality in the guise of another world, only to be dumped, and forced into a life without the deep insights, the noble causes or even truly terrible villains.
Yet, now you tease me with a return. You leaked through the water-tight seal separating you and me, allowing me, if just a mere fraction of the feeling, to feel safe, and secure. You have come back to me, and while you are the same as I remember, the same cannot and should not be said about myself. I know see that having you back, as whole and complete as you once were is impossible. I feel guilty about wanting it that way, dirty and disgusting. You have new students to teach, all deserving of another who can give them a quiet place, a place of discovery and magic, a place where they can slip to to keep from losing their sanity. And I deserve nothing more than you have given me, the ability to pass on the lessons to others, to make sure that the next generation knows that life is a rough place, where you must work hard, and be diligent. They must learn that being a hero isn’t about the powers, it’s about growth and hard work. It’s about perseverance and practice.
The Toa Metru taught us about the hardships of being a new hero and a leader, the Toa Mata, taught us about teamwork and corruption, and the Toa Inika taught us about hope and sacrifice, while the Glatorians taught us about new beginnings and old endings. It is with these lessons, and many more that we must carry on. We must uphold our legacy, and we must continue to teach, as you have taught us.

Sincerely, Avery Swindell

I wrote this letter in a half hour, and it's a very... wordy interperetation of the ways I've been feeling, especially with BIONICLE's return on the horizon. If you made it this far congrats! I know I'm not that bad at writng now. I strongly implore you to write your own something or other, it's actually quite nice and introspective.


Really thoughtful. I'll post something to this effect of my own when it isn't like, really late at night.



That was beautiful. It captures so much of what I felt when returning to the fandom. If I could come up with the time I would type one of my own.


Well, my sentiments aren't nearly as deep, but...

Since I turned six and got my first Bionicle set (Lewa Mata) I've been a Bionicle fan.
Due to various factors, I've never gotten a single comic and there're holes in my collection.
That said, I've known the storyline.

Then, in 2008 a friend of mine introduced me to Warhammer 40,000 and not long afterward I was assembling an Eldar Warhost.
2008 was my Last Hurrah for Bionicle. I collected every set bar two out of the Lego catalogue.
Not long afterward, I had to remodel my room and due to the loss of most of my shelves, most of my collection is now boxed away, barring some few exceptions.

Come 2009 and 2010 my Warhost was complete and I'd moved on to raising a Great Company of Space Wolves and a Regiment of Imperial Guard.

Now, four years, an expanded taste in literature and post high school later and I've grown a great deal and Games Workshop, the creators of 40k appear to be sinking under their own IP and pricing policies and Mata Nui appears to be stirring once more...

I don't know about everyone else, but I feel very much like I am coming home.

Things have changed, certainly.

I do not remember the internet fondly from those days, but now I've discovered fellow collectors and fans from many walks off life, both old fans and new.
I look at the MOCs displayed here and can't help being impressed.

I see discussions going on and where once I would have shied away,-and while I still prefer to keep my own counsel,-I'm willing to offer a witty remark or an opinion.
Just like here.

Bionicle was less a Teacher for me as it was a realm of wonder like so many others I read and watched, with the difference that Bionicle was so much more interactive and invited an inquisitive mind to build and explore and grow.
And to this day it has been that.
Into the future, retcon or no, reboot or no, it will remain.
Even if 2009-2010 came so far out of left field I had to check if it was still the same story.

-Sincerely, The13Inquisitor.

P.S. No way known am I putting my actual name out there. Sorry. =)


Ha, yeah I might get rid of that, although the internet isn't nearly as anonymous as it was two years ago. Just searching my username on google will bring up my real name. smile


Couldn't have said it better myself, in fact this was very inspiring to me. I've always loved writing but, truthfully, I'm not that good at it. Writing to me means expressing yourself without any holes. If I say how I feel it will not be the entire story. Thank you for writing this, it has inspired me, and I believe many others. ~Pyrox


This is absolutely amazing. This is the greatest speech about BIONICLE that has EVER been said and/or written.
I really keep trying to think of something to say, but that was the most meaningful thing I have ever read on BIONICLE.
This sounds like a professional speech, something that would be remembered for all of history.
I have never noticed anything that has taught people so much about true morals, friendship, leadership, unity, corruption, sacrificing for the ones you care about, about embracing new beginnings, and letting go new endings.

"The Toa Metru taught us about the hardships of being a new hero and a leader, the Toa Mata, taught us about teamwork and corruption, and the Toa Inika taught us about hope and sacrifice, while the Glatorians taught us about new beginnings and old endings. It is with these lessons, and many more that we must carry on. We must uphold our legacy, and we must continue to teach, as you have taught us."
This quote should never be forgotten within the BIONICLE community.


I wish that BIONICLE had a game like warhammer

Well spoken.

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Amen. I feel that it speaks for most, if not all of us.