Dear Kahi: The Kahi Advice Column

I had an idea the other day to do a comedy advice column series for the channel after reading the Talking to Women topic. Kind of like Dear Abby with a Live Pretentiously twist. I’m not sure how it’d turn out at the moment, but it’d have to be met with “letters” or posts about stuff you want life advice from by fans. Would any of you be interested in being featured in a TTV video? I can’t do it without some content, hence why I’m posting this topic. Depending on how well this does it might become a video…maybe? Possibly? I dunno.

Thanks for helping out.


A comedic advice column? So, will you be giving legit advice to people or will we be making stuff up? (Just making sure so I don’t end up ruining it =P)


This sounds neat! I have a Great Huna I could wear if I were featured…just sayin’… :stuck_out_tongue:

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It will be “legit” advice, but given with a comedic twist with whomever my co-host will be (probably Viper, if the topics take on the trend that the “Talking to Girls” topic seems to have been going on). Ask us almost anything.

Well, what I meant was that your post/username/etc. would be featured. No video guest appearences…yet! This was brought up as part of a Video Pitch; I’m honestly not too sure what I want this series to be/if I will go through with this, so who knows?

The way we work with things, I’d have to make a pitch video before we decided to release it/make it a regular series. But unlike stuff like Recap Reviews or Autopsy or Let’s Plays, I can’t just sit down and make it - I would actually need some posts asking advice from members before I made the video. Hence this topic.


I like the sound of this

So uh…I guess I’ll ask a question… :worried:

How do you stay focused on important tasks, like big school papers or animation projects?


Right. Hmmmm…
Gotta think of something.


How do I shot we-

No wait…

Here’s a good one

What is a good way to stop headphones from breaking?


Alrighty then.

How does one make money as a teen without either a car or a job?


How do you get over your obsession with Ehrye after seeing the #EhryIsLove topic?

Ah, that makes sense. Ok, here’s a question: How can I be more pretentious?

Curses, foiled again! Uh…serious question…what is the measure of a great work of art or literature?

Quick note: joke questions like this will be a 50/50 for answering, depending if I think they’re funny to answer (so really more like 25/75 because I probably won’t). Legit questions will always get answered.


Dear Kahi,

I have recently been made aware of a secret society of Makuta worshiping cultists who go by the name of Illumakuta, perchance have you heard of such a group? And if so, what do you plan to do to combat such threats these individuals pose to society?


Serious question: do you have any advice on writing and publishing a book?

Don’t be silly. The Illumakuta don’t exist.


How do you think you could get something to float in mid air? And how do I properly take care of about a dozen squeavers that are currently trying to build medieval weapons in my back yard?

Q.1 Hi. (Not a question but whatevs, I don’t play by the rules, except when I do.)
Q 1 (Legit) Got any tips to getting them views on the YouTube’s?
Q 2 I know this may seem annoying but what’s your thoughts on CHC?
Q 3 If a girl walks in with an itty, bitty, waste… what’s 2+2?

Thank you and goodnight, JIMMY FALLON EVERYBODY!


Dear Kahi,

Where do babies come from?

Kyuryuryuryuryu (Not really.)

P.S.: When does Biocraft come out?


Kyoryu, babies come from underground, and wait in the floorboards of the hospital until their mothers arrive. That’s where they come from, silly.


Of all the inside jokes and running memes that have come from TTV, what would you say is your favorite?
Another question, what would you consider a base rule layout for TTV, considering you all have a certain degree of formality, but also allow for really laid back and casual conversation?


It looks as though this has gone from asking for advice, to just asking Kahi random questions… Goiz that’s not wut this is for, read the original post plz


K then:

How do I become the best MOCer of all time? (I’d love to hear this)