Death Claw

this is Death Claw loyal servant to Exact

beside him being a loyal servant he is also Exact’s second in command

stay away from his claw fists he can do tons of damage

and the build took a little time to do but I had fun building him
comment your opinion on this short dude


I was expecting the death claw from fallout when I saw the name.

I’m going to be honest; he needs a revamp. The feet look okay but the rest just looks too simple. The beams on the feet look odd and I’m not a fan of the shoulders. If they’re supposed to be wings add and extra join and if not have them closer to the body.

Also the colors; change the upper arms and shoulders; they stick out like a sore thumb.

Except for that I like the idea of this clawed servant beast, it’s just the execution that needs work.

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ok well I can give you a picture of why the beams are on his feet and I’ve never knew there was a creature or character called death claw from fallout and the reason why he has the odd shoulder design is because I was trying to find a way to cover the ball joints and give him a bit of style and i need to say this
he is partly mutated and I will give him a revamp just not right now
here are the pictures of his feet design

I almost read it as Death Wing

He’s so cute. :smile:

cute but deadly

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