Deceit and Devilry at the Masquerade Ball

“The human face is, afterall, nothing more nor less than a mask.”


This is pretty great. Good job!

Spooky. What’s the mask piece?

It’s an inverted Thok spine.


Well then, that’s pretty creative.


Creepy! Looks fantastic.

Why does everyone use the poor Piraka’s heads like that!?!? Is just got this set right now!

That’s pure genius.

I love the quote with the picture.

This is a spooky-great moc dude. Great job! Your other mocs look great two! The moth was my favorite. (must’ve been the lighting).

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First I kill Avak and mount his head on a mod, niw you do the same to Thok, I see a trend starting. That aside, this is a really good mix. I love the coat.