Decepticonaiden's art request topic

Hey guys! I’m a bit bored and I need some ideas for drawing. I figured why not let you guys give me suggestions on what you want me to draw. A few things to note are that I probably won’t draw anything that I don’t know (but no promises) and that it might take me a while to draw what you suggest. I will try and do as many suggestions as I can and I promise I will read every one.


A dragon.

Go wild.

Gyro Zepelli

but if you don’t know anything about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

try drawing Whaddon Kureigu

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Red Robin please.

Here you go!

@Whaddon is Whaddon Kureigu a male or a female?


since he is my Self OC

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Can you draw her?

draw the guy in my profile pic. would be really cool if you did, more detailed pics are on my instagram(toa_lewa_420)!

Here you are! By the way, it was a pain in the neck to log on my old Instagram account. I hate social media sites like that, but no offence to you.


thank you! very cool :smile:

No problem!

I will have a request, but after I’ve finished my next MOC.

Draw a mech.

@Whaddon Here you go! Hope you like it!

Also, everyone, I’m trying to do every suggestion, so don’t worry, I didn’t ignore you


Heyy, that’s pretty good!

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Here you go. I hope it looks good. I don’t really draw dragons or animals that much.

@Hafynx Thank you!


could you draw this dude pls

Sure! But is is a skeleton? Believe it or not that’s an important question.

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