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Hey guys! These are some drawings I have done about Bionicle, and a few other things as well. I love drawing and have improved immensely over the past year. I hope you guys like my art.


Pretty Good art
I really love the Detailing
(just wish I can git gudder now)

Pretty cool, I like the style.

Thanks! I practice a lot.

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I love the more realistic style some of these have. Skull warrior is my favorite. Can’t wait to see more stuff like this! GG

Thank you! I actually searched up pictures of skeletons to do this.

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I do the same sort of thing with my stuff

Did you listen to the podcast episode with Toxic Adam? He had a cool theory about the skull villains that kind of inspired me. He thought that the trans pieces on them represented flesh and muscle.

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Hmm, I haven’t. I’ll have to check that out. Great job again!

Thank you! Also, the episode number is 130.

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not bad.

I really like that Starscream.

Realistic Skull Warrior is 2spooky 4me.

Pretty nice. I like the style.

Prey gud. Although I would suggest taking a crack at drawing them in more dynamic poses as oppose to face-on in a standard position for the most part.

I’ve been intending to do that for a while. I’m going to need to practice though.

Aye, it will not be a journey undertaken lightly.

I agree. I have actually started a transformers comic.

I’m back and updating again!
Anyways, I’m gonna try and update this a bit more regularly now, since I only posted a small amount of art on this topic, so I hope you guys enjoy!

By the way, this stuff is a bit older, so it’s not as good as some of my newer stuff.


Scarf dude is a lanky boy…