Decepticonaiden's Transformers OC topic

Important note- I have definitely posted some of these before. I just wanted to have all my TF OCs for my comic in one place.

Anyways, these are just all the OCs I have designed for my comic, weather they be concepts or final designs. I’ll also be posting new characters here every so often. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy.


this guy, I recon is the best.

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The pose you put them in makes them look really static. Granted these are reference shots, but more dynamic poses would help make them seem more alive.

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I might at some point, whenever I feel more confident in my ability to draw dynamic poses. But for now, I feel this is the best for concept art.

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This just in: Final design for Fuselage hot off the presses!


They look like they were from either the original cartoon or the animated series
I really like them and can’t wait for the comic

Aww, thanks! I can’t wait to get started on it!

Scrapheap turns into a pen?

Lol no, an EMP spear. Can see how you’d think that, though.

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it’s the black tip that makes it weird.

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