DeepfriedMctoran's dank MOC topic

This is my MOC topic. Its pretty dank. From now on this will be where I post my MOCS. I will also post WIPS if I have any. Not much else to say. :smile:

You better say something otherwise this topic will be closed for not having any MOCs

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This one took awhile but I'm pretty pleased. This is Kutrah, Toa of Electricity.

Hope you all like it!


Pretty cool MOC, I particularly like the colors!

I like the custom head. It isn't something I've delved into before.

that moc is really cool and i like how you did the custom head and the main idea of the toa

good job !

To quote a Dane, "Dank Meme"

Before this was done I was actually pretty skeptical about the custom head. I've grown to like it though. The bottom jaw always falls off however, and its super annoying.