Dekaimano Buster V

Forged from chogokin, fueled by bravery.

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As per usual, no real story to this guy, I just wanted to build a big beefy super robot styled mech, so I did. Think Mazinger Z or GaoGaiGar, for example. I’ve had the idea to use those drill parts as limbs for the longest time but never got around to it until now. A lot of the the build is actually salvaged from a previous WIP of mine that never got completed…

Anyway, that’s it for my rambling, thanks for taking a look!


Djokson, you’ve done it again. It’s too good.

Das one pretty good moc.
My favorite part would have to be the fingers. They look like they’re really poseable.

This is the greatest moc I’ve seen in 2017 so far.

Djokson, man, how we supposed to compete with this

Man, that’s a great Moc. His build is very clever, especially his fingers and the wings looking things. But, I don’t now why, but he looks like a Transformer for me. Like a Decepticon Drift.
Cool Moc anyway. Hope Ven will choose it for his Moc Spotlight.

but where are the LEGO pieces?


This is amazing! I love how much detail is has while still looking smooth. I also have a soft spot for giant robots.
Awesome work!

@Djokson how do you create these fantastic works of art?!

This almost doesn’t look like Lego. Great job once again

a Super Robot MOC

not done by me



anyways, this this is nice as heck. GG!

also, you’re forcing my hand-

A Fighting Mechanoid born to defend the galaxy!
His Name is…
The Grand Brave…
Dekaimano Busta V!


I’m blown away by this- the consistency of detailing and shaping here is superb.

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I don’t know anything about the source material, but this is one of the coolest mocs I’ve seen.

Sorry this seems like it was placed in the wrong top---- Wait this isn’t a figure? This is made out of System/ccbs? Wow okay.

Jokes aside this is amazing, no clue what its from but its amazing cant believe its really system and ccbs, amazing work, I give it a thumbs up.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone, appreciate it!

@MaximusPrime @Kahuk

There is no source material actually, it’s more of a blend of various super robot design cues from various media into a sort of loveletter to the genre.


there is none, unless you are referring to where it drew inspiration from.




Wow. This is great.

The proportions are definitely not normal, but I think it really works well here. I don’t understand why some people think that MOCs need to have human proportions. They’re alien robot things… why do they need human proportions?

Favorite parts are definitely how you integrated the protector torsos, and the fists. And the head. And the- forget it, I love the whole thing. Great job.

Oh my god… the head. When I first glanced at head I had to stop and look again because that just fits in so well with itself. Like it look like you took a head from an actual toy and connected it to the torso. The rest of the moc’s good too. The hands are a tad big though.

Can you even attach Lego elements this way!?!? Great M.O.C. love it!

too amazing I almost thought it was a actual toy not made out of lego