Dekar and Defilak (Pre-Great Cataclysm)

Hi everyone! These two builds are my take on the heroic Le-Matoran, Defilak, and brave Po-Matoran, Dekar for their respective pre-Great Cataclysm forms. While these two characters are best known for their Mahri Nui forms, these two were rebuilt by Karzahni into smaller, weaker forms, with the sole compensation being weapons, namely their electro-blades.

A few months ago, I built Dezalk, which reminded me how much I always the Voya Nui Matoran builds, and after coming across an extra Keetorange Kiril, naturally, I wanted to put it to use!

Both of these builds take inspiration in color and part usage from their 2007 set forms, with obvious new techniques and pieces being used to reflect their ‘original’ forms. I won’t pretend that these are groundbreaking or even all that interesting of builds, but hopefully you like them!


I really like Defilak’s build. It’s sleek and well proportioned while still being small.


@Dug111 Thanks a lot! I spent a surprising amount of time on Defilak’s design specifically, as it uses a few points of half-measure connection points that was a fun challenge. His design is what I wish Kazi’s was. glad you like him, and thanks for the positive feedback!