Dekar Revamp

Built entirely because of @LoganMcOwen 's great reboot mocs, and the fact I like dekar.


Pretty good. That scuba gear looks quite realistic. And I’m curious, why did you decide to use a mata head with that mask?

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Yay! Little yellow water dude got awesome! Great work man. Could you give instructions?

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He looks pretty cool all Dek(ar)ed out!

Sorry, that was a terrible pun…

I would like to see a picture of him minus all the weapons and stuff so I can just see his body.


You know, this is pretty nicely constructed! My only recommendation s would be to put some tires on the bones of his upper arms/legs. Just out of curiosity, why did you opt for a Mata head instead of a Metru one?

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You should be able to piece together the build from these.

I’ve never liked how that looks, and in this case it would ruin the appearance.

1 I actually prefer the mata head design.
2 it was the only way to attach the head using this torso.


A nice recreation. The colors are well balanced and the whole back assembly better reflects this character belonging in an underwater environment.

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I won’t mince words, the tank looks absolutely atrocious on him. From the front though, when you can’t see the tank, he looks real nice. Simplistic but good.

OK, but what’s actually wrong with it? So I can fix it.

Random tan bit, get rid of it. Two, clean up the random clutter like the gears entirely - I get where you were going with it, but it just ends up looking slapped on. Three, once the gears are gone, pull the silver bits in so they end up looking like a cap for the tank. Then last (but probably most important), flip the tank right-side-up in the name of his visual weight not looking like a saggy backpack.

I’m also not 100% sure about the little flag on his back, but I’ll withhold critiquing that until I can see how it looks with the back cleaned up in general.



Much more approve. I actually really like how that looks. Thank ye.

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Ah, seeing the new pictures, that makes sense now. That’s a really clever build.

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I like how you used the transparent ones to represent that they are flying

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