Dekar the Cursed Matoran

This is a simple Mahri Matoran build that allows for some more articulation, adding elbows, knees, and a waist joint! Dekar was the first Bionicle character I ever saw, so I started with him! Poor guy deserved better in the story.

Dekar wields two electro-blades and a shoulder-mounted air launcher.

Also included a version with a hand because my boy can’t high five anyone without killing them if he has two blade arms.

My personal headcanon is that after Spherus Magna’s reformation, Dekar’s transformation into Hydraxon was reverted, and he was back to being a Po-Matoran. However, he gained the ability to switch between his “Matoran” and “Hydraxon” forms at will somehow, like a Shazam kinda situation.


I like this. Simple, but conveys plenty of character.


These proportions are very satisfying to look at, and the way the whole build flows together really adds to it.