Deleting PMs?

So… I have a lot of useless PMs. I mean, a LOT. And I don’t really like to see them when I visit my private messages page. So my question is this: topics can be deleted, should the PMs be deleted too if the users are OK with this?


Technically, topics can’t be “deleted”, simply unlisted. The same thing can be done with PMs too. You would have to see if one of the mods would be willing to, though.


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In the interest of -not- going through people’s PM’s I’d err on the side of caution and say it’s probably best to just Mute anything you aren’t looking at, that way you won’t get alerts and the newest ones will always be on top of the list.



I have a lot of messages that I’ve got from flagging people or getting flagged and I would kinda want them to be gone.

I usually flag them