Deleting posts

So uh

Deleting posts before you actually post them doesn’t work, it just pops up again when you go back to the thread
When you try to delete it or minimize it, nothing happens.

You mean when you cancel the post draft that exists?

I’ve never had that issue when I successfully cancel it, as it never shows back up afterwards, but a somewhat easy fix would be to just backspace everything you’ve typed and then cancel it. It won’t give you an “Are You Sure” message and will quietly slip out of your way.

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Oh, okay, thanks!

Sometimes if you cancel a post, leave the page quick enough, and then come back, it’ll give you your post back. It’s a consequence of how the boards’ “memory” works – the site still ‘remembers’ your post, since it didn’t refresh it’s memory of how you saw the page between you cancelling the post and leaving the page.

It’s useful for me sometimes, I’m reminded of a rejected post and might actually post it, sometimes after edits.

But you should be able to just cancel it again and not have it come back.

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