DEM (domestic enforcement mechs)

these are mechs I made for my police guys. they're really quite simple and compact, the hardest part being finding the duplicate parts. I used to have four, but one fell apart, so now it's three.

nothing very special, but would be great army builders. constructive criticism valued, and hope you like it.


Pretty neat idea. I've always wanted to make minifig mechs of my own but have never had the imagination to make one


These are really cool, and really impressive, with all the tiny parts. Great job! :smile:


cute lil police mechs

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I really like the scale of them.


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Really cool mechs. What do they look like without the minifig?

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I like how small they are, kinda make me think of robo cop

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this what it looks like without the minifig


pretty snazzy little mocs.

Really like the solidity.

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Getting some Robocop vibes here... I like the design and would love to see an army of these guys.

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"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

Groovy MOC's man.

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