Demigo Storyline no.1 - Coming of the Toa


When I began to write Demigo Storyline, I had very little idea what I was writing about. Now, I have much more clear idea of what I want to write, including actually having a map. Important reason why I decided to rewrite this story is because of a reworked elemental system. While I was working on redoing that, I came up with other major changes and additions.

Demigo Storyline will be structured in books. For foreseeable future, there will likely be a single book and a few short stories set in word of Akara. I still want to do other things in between, such as Feratu. After Book 1 is finished, I will likely move on the properly planned setting I previously mentioned.

Sometimes after that, I want to write Book 2. I think Demigo storyline will eventually be at least three books long. But that is a future matter.

Without further addo, let’s once again jump into the world of Akara.



Six Heroes. One Destiny.
I-I -X- I-I -X- I-I
Work of Demigo lies in chaos.
I-I -X- I-I -X- I-I
All that is originates in the Stars.
I-I -X- I-I -X- I-I
Look above and below to discover the Truth.

Chapter 1-A Burning Star Descends

Segment A-Awakening

A fire that was not a fire stood before him, burning inside an ornate and ancient stone bowl whose name was the Vessel of the Great Spirit. This inexplicably Prismatic Fire glowed primarily in radiant shades of white, but through its flame, colors possible and impossible could be seen appearing and disappearing. The fire radiated no heat, but sense of calm could be felt in its presence.

Then, a mechanoid hand of twisted and corroded metal jumped out of the Primordial Darkness surrounding the scene, sweeping rapidly in direction of fire. As it closed in, its outer coating crumbled into rusted flakes, revealing a sharpened claw made of burning shadow. The malign hand extinguished the sacred fire before burning to ash in a burst of crimson flames.

"Prismatic Fire is fading" spoke an ancient voice coming from everywhere at once.

As the voice faded, he awakened from this strange, almost prophetic, dream.

I-I -X- I-I -X- I-I

All around him was darkness. All encompassing black emptiness devoid of all light surrounded him. It was as if he stood in some primordial void.

It is time.

As that thought passed into his head, light appeared from above, allowing him to see and to examine his true surroundings.

He was standing inside a cylindrical room, its walls made out of shinning metal. He could see his reflection in shine of the wall, a tall figure of red and orange, its radiantly green eyes seen peeking through a peculiar Mask of Power.

Before him, there was a sliding door consisting of two pieces. On one side of this entrance stood a control panel displaying the Vermillion Sign, while on other, a long thin pipe whose ends were forged in shape of a Rahi’s Jaw was leaning against the wall. Above, a crystal placed in middle of ceiling radiated light, illuminating the cylindrical chamber.

Centuries pass by and I am still in my place of sleep…

Once he made sure of his surroundings, he strode swiftly forward, and grabbed the pipe. In his hand, the tube morphed into a sword. “Who dares to wake me, the great Tahu from my sleep? Show yourself!” Only reply was the echo.

Unsettled, Tahu remembered last words Artaka told him before he went to sleep in this very chamber. He could remember that moment clearly. Artaka approached him and his brethren, speaking in his clear, ringing voice, his ornate mask shining in bright light of lightstones.

When Uru-Arua grows dark, descend to Akara to light the fire.

Something seemed strange about the sentence. It was like it was torn from its context. Then, something even more confusing occurred to Tahu.

Wait… Who exactly is this Artaka?

When he tried to recall, Tahu realized something very disconcerting. Most of his memories were gone erased during his long sleep, as if washed away to the black seas of oblivion. This made him angry.

“Why I cannot remember? Why?” Tahu asked the empty room, his eyes growing brighter and narrower before returning to normal.

Through most of his memories were gone, Tahu could feel some remaining as shattered fragments hidden deep inside his mind. He gathered these memories, trying to piece them together.

He knew he was a Toa (through what was that supposed to mean was unclear to him), and that his name was Tahu. He was one of six Toa. Each of them was sleeping deep, wakeless sleep inside a cylindrical chamber akin to his, waiting to be awakened when time is right.

When that time came, Toa were supposed to work together to complete some sort of a great quest, through Tahu could not remember its purpose. He also could remember that someone named Artaka existed, and was old ally of the Toa, and that his home was Uru-Arua, one of two places Artaka mentioned. Tahu knew that many centuries ago, he went to rest in this very place, sleeping a wakeless sleep, until something, or someone, awakened him.

All six of the Toa had power over a part of the Radiant Power, a powerful force used to create the world. Like a stylized depiction of a sun, the Radiant Power was divided into Rays. Each of the Toa had power over a different Ray and its aspects. This power was innate, but could be better channeled through their instrument. Tahu could not remember the names and powers of others, but he knew he was the Toa Tahu, wielding fiery power of Vermillion Ray using Vermillion Instrument, supposedly forged in fires of the tallest mountain of Vulcanus by sacred Demigo himself. But who this myśterious Demigo was, Tahu knew not.

Segment B-Entering Ta-Wahi

Tahu was rather angered that he could not remember. Almost all his memories were mysteriously gone, as if wiped by an unknown hand.

“This is certainly the work of the thrice cursed Disruptor!” Tahu muttered angrily, before realizing that he could not remember what he was talking about, again. At least he could remember his capabilities rather clearly.

The Vermillion Ray Tahu wielded was known as the Ray of Volcano. It allowed Tahu to control heat and manipulate sufficiently hot things such as flames or lava. This power could amplified by and channeled through his Vermillion Instrument, which could change shape between two forms, the Searing Sword, and the Dragon’s Pipe.

Tahu would use Searing Sword if he needed a physical tool. Being a sword, it be used to cut through objects. Already sharp, it could cleave through obstacles if heated with his powers. If a conflict came, Tahu could use the sword as a weapon.

Mechanoid beings were fortunately resistant to being damaged by ordinary weapons, their special armor of a peculiar metal shielding them from many forms of damage. In a fight, the primary goal was to instead knock off the opponent’s mask, at least in case of honorable fighters.

Mechanoids needed Kanohi masks to function properly. Without mask, a mechanoid would be greatly weakened, eventually falling into an unnatural sleep. Thusly, weapons in a honorable fight would be used to topple the opponent and remove their mask, not to injure them. Unfortunately, not all were honorable, and there were weapons and other means able to hurt, maim or kill a mechanoid.

Some mechanoids lacked sapience, being merely wild animals, and those could not be excepted to follow codes of honor.

In addition to being a tool and a weapon, Searing Sword could also be used to channel Tahu’s elemental powers. In this it was sufficient, but if he needed to focus on his command over fire, he could choose to transform his tool into the Dragon Pipe.

To use the Dragon Pipe, Tahu would heat air inside the pipe, the flames spewing from its ends like a dragon’s breath, then bending to his will. Outer coating of the pipe was made out of an isolating material to protect Tahu from scorching heat of pipe’s fiery insides.

The pipe was specifically designed to amplify his elemental powers, being carved with same Runes of Power that give power to the Kanohi Masks.

His own Kanohi mask held a great power, but Tahu knew not how to use it and what that power even was in first place. This frustrated Tahu, again reminding him of his amnesia.

Tahu knew that Kanohi masks held power inside them, through not all were able to use this power. In right hands, Kanohi could achieve great things. Some masks were more powerful than others, and few held a legendary, world changing, power.

Having gathered his thoughts, Tahu placed his hand upon the control panel. The door to the cylindrical chamber split in two, both pieces sliding into the wall. As opening widened, Tahu stared, confusion being visible in his green, glowing eyes.

This place… it is not Uru-Arua. Where am I? And why I am here? The Disruptor…it must be his doing!

“What in name of Demigo is this trickery?!” Tahu shouted to the empty room.

Scattered pieces of memories flowed confusedly through his head.
Uru-Arua was a great city, located in center of the world of Arua. Many mechanoids of various species lived here, watched over by a wise being called Artaka. There were several worlds composing the known universe, Arua being especially ancient. Who Demigo was, Tahu could not remember, but he knew they were important on a cosmic scale.

Who the Disruptor was was still as mysterious as before, through Tahu vaguely remembered that this unknown foe was connected to the Primordial Darkness, same darkness seen in his dream, an ancient force some claimed was older than the universe.

As if anything could predate the Work of Demigo, except Demigo himself…


Again and again, my thoughts are in confusion. Why I know not what I am saying? Who exactly is responsible for this?

Tahu returned to examining the unfamiliar place that laid beyond the door. Whatever it was, it clearly was not Uru-Arua. Before him, a wide open landscape could be seen, its incredible vastness utterly different from distantly familiar halls and chambers of Uru-Arua. Tahu stepped outside the open door, noticing that he was standing inside a crater, cut into the ground by some great impact. He climbed out.

Before Tahu’s eyes stretched a landscape of grassy plains, interrupted by hills and rocky cliffs. Along with grass, bushes grew in this land, bearing round, thorny fruit. Tahu could see smoke rising from the ground, and noticed that in many places, foliage seemed to be younger than in others. It could be infered this was place of frequent fires.

In distance a smoking volcano towered over the land. Closer the landscape was to the volcano, more scorched and desolate it was. Tahu could spot molten lava flowing in distance.

This is a place of fire. Fitting that I arrived here.

Above stood the sky, a vast expanse of blue in which floated imposing clouds. In each of four directions shone a sun, while the fifth sat at the apex of the sky. Tahu was thankful that his eyes could withstand the searingly bright light of the suns, allowing him to examine these heavenly lights.

Looking back, he saw that he just exited a great cylinder of reflective metal, standing tall inside the burnt and scorched crater. Tahu then realized something. The chamber where he slept for millennia was located inside a container, which managed to somehow detach from Uru-Arua and fall to this strange world.

It was not the Distruptor who brought me here. It was will of Demigo.
Tahu was by now getting used to saying things he knew not, but appearance of these thoughts was still jarring and eriee, with unknown mysteries looming over him. Regardless of his confusion, a great realization dawned upon Tahu, concerning the nature of this alien world.

This is the place Artaka spoke of.


Tahu knew he was in this unfamiliar place on a quest of great importance. Something told him that his dream was revelant to his quest, but what it could all mean, only Demigo knew. Regardless of his purpose, Tahu was drawn in a certain direction, something guiding him on a meandering path through this region of fire. He felt Mata Nui calling him forth to ignite the Prismatic Fire.

This is a strange world. I have many questions and few answers.

…Mata Nui? I recognize that name. Artaka said this about him:

“Mata Nui is known amongst the Matoran as the Great Spirit, the Bearer of the Worlds, the Prismatic Fire, the Origin Point of Radiant Force, and many other names. But few call him other, more ancient names: the Light, the Axiom, and most curiously of all, the Foreign Sun


Chapter 2- Verdant Woods, Dark Hunt

Segment A-Lewa’s Journey

Toa Lewa cut his way through dense foliage with Hurricane Axe, transformed form of the magical Viridian Instrument. The axe was made lighter and stronger by power of Viridian Ray of Radiant Power, also known as the Ray of Jungle, air surrounding the instrument carrying it and hardening the blows made against the plantlife.

Ray of Jungle gave Lewa power over air. Another aspect of Viridian Ray was plantlife. However, Lewa could not remember how to use this more advanced aspect of the Ray. Otherwise, he would not be cutting undergrowth with an axe. But Lewa was sure Demigo wisely made some things harder, so the life would be more adventurous.

Lewa loved adventure, and now, he was on the greatest adventure of all, together with his fellow adventurers, other Toa, here to save the world of Akara. Some dark force extinguished the Prismatic Fire, and Lewa would fearlessly brave the danger to stop this dastardly evil, surely connected with the infamous Disruptor, and help Mata Nui in reigniting the fire.

Viridian Instrument’s other form was fittingly actual musical instrument, Flute of the Winds. With the flute, Lewa could summon and control winds even better than he already could. Controlling air and wind was primary practical use of the flute, but Lewa was sure that he could charm any serpent, even a Doom Viper, one of most feared Rahi beasts, with his brilliant musical skills.

Lewa went to sleep centuries ago, and awakened in this strange world, having fallen from the heavens. His head was full of half-remembered memories, swarming like confused Nui Rama, and he knew not his power of his Kanohi Mask, but that just meant another mystery to be solved, surely another gift from the Demigo. He particulary remembered wise Artaka telling him about ancient names of the Great Spirit.

The world where he awakened was strange and wonderful. There were five suns in the sky, perhaps used for navigation, as Akara was the most vast and open place Lewa could remember. Even Tesara was not this open. There were many adventures waiting for him and other Toa in this place.

Another strange thing was abundance of organic wildlife. While large Rahi were still mechanoids, small lizards, frogs, and insects were often organic. Lewa wondered why this was. In Arua, his home world, organic beings were rare and special, while here, they seemed to be strangely common.

Place where Lewa landed was a verdant forest, which got thicker and darker closer it approached the great forested hill ominously looming in distance. In this jungle, variety of plants grew, most notably great trees, towering over other plants like giants. Lewa just approached such a tree. He turned his instrument into flute form, so it may be more easily stored, and magnetized it upon his back, then climbed the tree with his green, clawed hands, whose claws were retractable like that of a cat.

Once Lewa was on top of the tree, he climbed a branch, and then leaped, gliding through his Viridian power to land on branch of another tree. The world of Akara seemed to be a wonderful place. So far, no evil was in sight.

Segment B-The Dark Hunters

While in treetops, Lewa saw something strange. A group of Matoran sneaking in undergrowth, armed with dangerous weapons, their armor mix of green and black.

It looks like a group of hunters.

Unlike some of less-well designed Rahi, Matoran did not need to hunt for food, feeding on entirely different sources of energy. But hunters were still often needed in Matoran society, for other reasons.

While sentient mechanoids were well designed, not all Rahi were as lucky.

Lewa could remember once hearing a curious tale that Demigo delegated responsibility for creating Rahi to Artaka, and his mysterious brother Karzani. Artaka’s Rahi were well designed. But Karzani was not as skilled, and many of his Rahi were designed poorly.

Regardless of their origins, these poorly-made Rahi often lacked means of being deactivated while being potentially deadly. If these Rahi went rampaging, there was often no choice for Matoran but to slay the beast.

Lewa thus understood importance of hunters to Matoran. But these particular hunters somehow seemed off, and so, Lewa decided to observe them further.

After a period of observation, Lewa finally noticed what the hunters were hunting. It was Gukko, utterly harmless bird. Wanting to stop unnecessary violence, Lewa leaped from the branch, swiftly gliding in direction of hunters, emitting a terrifying animalistic roar. The bird flew away, which Lewa intended. But to his surprise, the hunters also fled at simple sight of Toa’s form.

They know me in this world?

One of the hunters was unable to flee, his leg tangling in the plants. Lewa approached the Matoran, noticing he was shaking in fear, and that there was an expression of a pure terror in his eyes.

“I-I am terribly so-sorry, Great Toa, for-for incurring your divine wrath. I beg you- beg you to spare me. Please, I did not mean to-”

“Do not fear. I, Toa Lewa, am not here to kill you, just to ask you a question. Why did you hunt a harmless Gukko?” Toa Lewa immediately responded.

The Matoran stopped shaking. “Thanks, Great Toa, for your mercy. My lord, Umarak commanded me to do it.”

“Who is this Lord Umarak? I just descended from the heavens, and know him not.” Lewa asked and explained.

“So everything Umarak told us- it was all lies! If only I never left my Koro…”


ooh very interesting! I appreciate the similarites to the original lore while also making it your own thing! Nice job.

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I love how this references both G1 and G2, and combines both into a cohesive whole. Well done! I especially like the Dungeons and Dragons styled language. It makes the world feel quite mysterious, something that gives me the sense of both familiarity with the world and a lack of same knowledge. Also, is this a purely new world, or is it tied to G1 somehow?


ooo this is super cool


To Toa Gali

To Rukah
Thanks! I myself also love BIONICLE settings that are similar and different, which is one of reasons why I made this.

To Dune Toa
Thanks! I am glad I succeeded in your eyes in making it mysterious, in referencing both G1 and G2, and in making it original. I am not that familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, so the comment about language got over my head.

Akara is not tied to G1, being intended as separate iteration of BIONICLE. But I do want to do something closer to G1 in a different setting.

In general
Thanks you all for liking the story.

Do you like description of Ta-Wahi? I attempted to make a semi-unique fiery environment, and did that by adding actual fire, while keeping lava. How does the first chapter of redone version compare to the first chapter of original version? Is it an improvement?

Do you like Lewa’s section? I tried to make Lewa’s viewpoint different from Tahu’s viewpoint. What do you think about the Dark Hunters segment?

Does the story contain nonsense? If it does, I want to know so I can improve this further. What did you like about the story and the world of Akara?

Do you have your own questions or comments?


Chapter 3-Valmai

Segment A-Meeting In The Desert Dunes

Toa Pohatu wandered through the Po-Wahi desert in the world of Akara for long. The desert was a vast place, sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy, and a great mountain could be seen in distance. Farther from the imposing mountain, sparse vegetation could be found, while closer to it, the desert was more desolate, the foot of the mountain being surrounded by a great sandstorm.

As he was exploring the desert, Pohatu noticed several Nek-Tar wells.
While Pohatu, being a Toa, needed was sustained by Radiant Force, most mechanoids needed a powersource. Most common of sapient species, Matoran, could draw energy from multiple sources. One of these were Ambaru Berries, edible fruits of many plants, and another was Nek-Tar Crystals, mined from ground similarly to Lightstones.

Since this was a desert, Ambaru berries were sparse. Locals compensated for it by using a different source of sustenance, Nek-Tar proper, water in which Nek-Tar Crystals were dissolved, as evidenced by the wells. Unlike Lightstones which dissolved only in certain corrosive substances, Nek-Tar Crystals were easily soluble in water.

Having sufficiently pondered about the wells he found, Pohatu turned his attention back to the great mountain in distance and the sandstorm that surrounded it.

Wielding Auburn Ray of Radiant Power, also known as Ray of Desert, Pohatu could manipulate rock and especially sand, and also wind to lesser extent. To better channel his power, Pohatu could use the Auburn Instrument. The instrument could change form between Boomerang of Sandstorm, used as a tool and to cause, direct, or calm sandstorms, and Chisel of Stoneshifting, allowing Pohatu mastery over stone and rock.

But Pohatu doubted that he could calm the great raging sandstorm at foot of the distant mountain, even with aid of his boomerang.

When Pohatu arrived to this strange world, he hoped to see its inhabitants, and to met his brethren again after the millennia-long sleep in the cylindrical chambers, though sadly, Artaka was not here to guide them.

Though this world was inhabited as evidenced by numerous monuments, only sapient beings Pohatu met so far were were a group of strange cultists. They were friendly enough, but little meaningful conversation could be had with them, and information they gave was of somewhat dubious veracity.

There was something…off about the devotees, and so Pohatu decided to recall this meeting in the desert dunes.

I-I -X- I-I -X- I-I

Pohatu’s Memory

Pohatu was travelling through the desert, guided by some inexplicable sense, perhaps the will of mysterious Demigo, on a strange path. The path was not straight, leading him through various locations. While Pohatu knew not true name of the desert, he decided to call it Po-Wahi, meaning Place of Sand in Matoran language, for said material was in abundance. Some parts of this desert were rocky, but the part through which Pohatu currently wandered consisted of sweeping dunes. Many structures could be seen, many partly buried, but there were no traces of the builders.

Pohatu did see various animals on his travels. Some were usual mechanoid Rahi like those in Pohatu’s homeworld of Arua, but others were organic lizards and insects, which added to the mystery of this world. Among the mechanoids were threatening-looking scorpions which Pohatu recognized as Nui-Jaga from his time in deserts of Atero.

Then, Pohatu saw a group of Matoran. These were strange Matoran: pieces of their armor were blackened and rusted as were their masks, and their leader was wrapped from head to heel in long strips of cloth, only his orange eyes seen of his form. Wanting to greet the group, Pohatu ran swiftly towards them, raising a trail of dust.

“Greetings. Why are you warped in this cloth?” Pohatu said.

Reaction of the Matoran was unexpected. Upon noticing Pohatu, they all bowed, and began chanting a peculiar phrase, clearly recognizing the Toa in some way.

“The Great Toa himself has come.”
“The Great Toa himself has come.”
“The Great Toa himself has come.”
“The Great Toa himself has come.”
“The Great Toa himself has come.”
“The Great Toa himself has come.”
“The Great Toa himself has come.”

After the phrase was chanted seven times, the makeshift choir grew silent and raised themselves. The leader spoke, his voice charismatic, but somewhat off.
“O, great Toa, these wrappings are marks of my position in as a priest in the true church.”

Recognizing Pohatu’s confusion, the priest hurriedly explained.

“I apologize for not explaining myself clearly, Great Toa. Despite my position, I am a forgetful Matoran. In the time you waited in the golden halls of Uru-Arua, the affairs of Matoran on Kapu Ahi changed since the times when you walked the earth. Turaga Onewa, as wise as he is, was deceived by unclean spirits, and expelled us from Koro. We still remain on good terms with the Koronans, but they are unfortunately misled, and do not practice the proper rites.”

The leader suddenly stopped, his eyes starring through Pohatu. This gave the Toa opportunity to ponder. There was something…off about the group. The priest clearly believed what he was saying, but from what Pohatu could remember, halls of Uru-Arua could hardly be described as golden, this was the first time Pohatu walked Akara and the priest knew not of his sleep. It seemed that if anyone was deceived, it was the priest.

But Pohatu decided to leave the priest with his strange beliefs as there was likely no point in correcting him and he was friendly enough, and simply said. “You can continue.”

The priest jolted awake. “I am sorry, Great Pohatu, master of sandstorms! I hope I did not offend you by my forgetfulness.”

“It is fine. To forget is in Matoran nature. Just continue, please.”

Priest was apparently relieved. “Thanks, Great Pohatu, for your magnanimity. You are exemplar of virtue. I intended to say that our High Priest, Voporak needs your help in a holy ritual to stave off the end of the world. Island of Kapu Ahni has changed greatly in your absence. Should I tell you directions to the Temple?”

“Thanks for your offer, but Demigo guides me on my journey.
I think the time for me to go to continue my quest is nearing.”

The priest was visibly embarrassed. “I am sorry…” Empty stare returned to his eyes for a moment, before rapidly disappearing. “Demigo be with you.” Pohatu return the greeting, and the two parted ways.

Despite polite and reverent nature of the priest, Pohatu was glad that he left his presence. Something about this cult was off, and they did not appear to be reliable source of information. Pohatu was very excited to meet the inhabitants of the Koro.

Hopefully, the Koronans are less creepy than the followers of this High Priest Voporak. These strange cultists somehow give me shivers. Does the Disruptor have anything to do with this?

Before the procession turned in their original direction, Pohatu noticed the dead glare returning to the priest’s eyes. Something was clearly wrong in this strange land.


ooh, very interesting

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