Demolition MOC

I have managed to get very few purple pieces here, but I wanted to use them anyway :slight_smile: The weapon is a rocket launcher. All comments and criticism welcome, thanks for viewing!


He looks too thin to really hold the weapon.

I really would recommend revising the general proportions because I think someone much stockier would be more suited for heavy weaponry.



Box torso (that has inverted weighting), a long neck, and scrawny limbs.

I’m starting to sense a theme here in what I have to say about these…


(the gun is pretty alright though


i would bulk it up, and maybe add some yellow to really give it a “demo” look


Yo man you should be a little patient and wait for the pictures to fully upload.

This happens when you don’t.

the body and feet are just big blocks and the proportions don’t make any sense,though i guess the gun is cool?

My internet connection is very bad and it cut out while uploading and would not restart. Instead of restarting the whole process I just posted what loaded.

The feet are great (or at least inspired), but the torso looks a might pot bellied. Also, one of the photos still says “Uploading”.

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Reminds me of iBionicle. :+1:

You should probably get rid of the uploading image and try again.

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This is pretty much a pre-ccbs of K-2SO with purple.
The build is unique, but the head (both the mata head and mask) and launcher does not work well.

im curious whos that on the left

Thanks! You can find both of those mocs on the left under Toa of Ice and Toa of Stone on this site.

Looks like a female.

Not bad, except for the feet.


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