demon possesed robot

A robot that is possessed by a demon. it has twin canons and blades.(I don’t know how to flip the images).


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I don’t really see how this character is possesed, is it the mask or trans-color?

The lengthy leg isn’t good, especially from the back view and color scheme is respectable.

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@Square its kinda like the demon destroyed it then built armor out of it and other pieces of metal… the demon is gooey like venom symbiotes.

It’s simple, but looks nice[quote=“isatron12, post:1, topic:40430”]
I don’t know how to flip the images
It could be how you took the pictures, or just a system bug

[quote=“isatron12, post:1, topic:40430”]
(I don’t know how to flip the images).
[/quote] Try taking them in horizontal. This has been a common issue lately.

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