demon type : X-plode

name : X-plode
class : level 2
origin : Protodax
affiliation : demon
power : explosion
weapons : exploding axes
universe : Nah’ayara
place : everywhere in Nah’ayara

In the Nah’ayara universe, souls of the dead goes to the Protodax planet, this place is like hell, but when the soul arrive, they’re placed in new bodies to form an army, the demon army, each body is a class and are reused thousands of times, each demon begin at level 1 but with time and fights, they can reach the second level and (for the most powerful) the third one, really hard to reach. From their planet, the demons can launch assaults on each 6 plots making them the most dangerous invaders of the universe.


This is good, but doesn’t seem that different from the normal set


that’s just a little revamp nothing really mind blowing