Demon's Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodborne

I’m surprised @TenebraeInvictus didn’t make a topic for this before his hiatus. I’m downloading the first game as I type and shall be playing it soon, so let’s discuss it.

Any Dark Souls fans here? Bloodborne, maybe? How do you play the game? How long do you think I’ll last before dying?

(Invi that letter is coming soon I swear.)


Don’t have any of these games… I am watching a play through of Bloodborne though …

The second set of enemies.


God I hate these games.

With a passion.

I’m a fan, yet I haven’t played a sinlge one. Will eventually start with Demon Souls, or Bloodborne. That thing looks amazing… for a console game.

I have heard stories of this and how hard it is.

My friend says he does well.

I don’t specifically believe him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone here mad that solaire from dark souls is confirmed not to be the missing son of Lord Gwyn despite there being support in the lore?

Also I want to play bloodbourne so badly. But I don’t have a PS4 yet.

@Eljay The most important thing to remember is your lock-on mechanic. Never use the Humanity Item unless you absolutely need to. Never use the consumable souls that you find lying around until you are safely at a bonfire and ready to level up yourself/your gear. Here is a list of some of my favorite Humanity/Souls farming spots:

The Depths. just keep killing the rats, and keep your liquid humanity meter high enough to avoid getting cursed. There is a nice circle/roundabout way of getting back to the bonfire.

Tomb of the Giants. This is really late game but those infinitely spawning baby skeletons are great. I got 40+ humanity in a single hour farming there with the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring(found in Sen’s Fortress).

The Darkroot Forest: The demon trees fall easily enough, and drop moss in usefully high quantities!

Anor Londo: Around the first Bonfire there are a lot of Giants, it’s easy to aggro them one by one.

Painted World of Ariamis. Go back to the Asylum, parry the Black Knight to death and get the strange doll. then go to the painting in Anor Londo, find a way to open the gate, and then go ham on the phalanx hollows (pyromancy preferred)

Also, be sure to buy lots of Rings of Sacrifice from Oswald the Pardoner. And have a Rare Ring of Sacrifice ready for the boss fight with Sceath the Scaleless.

Never played DS2, didn’t look interesting enough.
Bloodborne is an entirely different beast (pun intended). For starters, I would pick the “Violent Past” origin and the Hunter Axe as a starting weapon, Violent Past gives you the highest base strength and the Hunter Axe scales with strength. Be wary of Insight, I would recommend keeping it above one at least so you can level up. at 10 Insight you can summon help/invade. Insight stops being useful after 40.

as with the consumable Souls in Dark Souls, Bloodborne has ColdBlood, which can be consumed for free Blood Echoes. Again: DO NOT CONSUME THEM OUTSIDE THE SAFETY OF THE HUNTER’S DREAM.
That’s all I know about Bloodborne, for now. I would suggest seeking help on YouTube from VaatiVidya or EpicNameBro. I hope that this has been helpful and as always: Prepare to Die.

Second? Wow that’s one more set than I would’ve guessed


isn’t there a hilarious glitch in bloodborne where a witch boss flies away from the fight?

I also suggest having 10 soft humanities and the covetous gold serpent ring. This boosts your item discovery to 400 (but keep in mind that item discovery caps at 400). It makes farming for humanities faster. Also you should have some purple moss clumps on hand to cure poisoning.

Anyone who goes here should have a light source (like the skull lantern, cast light, or a sunlight maggot) and be extremely careful not to aggro giant skeleton dogs. On a minor note, you can find the covetous silver serpent ring here which increases soul gain from enemies, but it is very hard to get to.

And since this reply is about dark souls 1, I would like to mention an idea I had about the lore surrounding Ornstein and Smough. There will be spoilers. You have been warned.

So we all know how ornstein and smough guard the princess, but it seems odd the smough will be picked for this duty considering he is a potentially sadistic, borderline cannibal executioner. Now the obvious conclusion is that he was very strong and the only one around besides Ornstein, But I had another idea: What if Ornstein and Smough are brothers? or at the very least; good friends. I know, there is no support for this and it’s just speculation, but it’s still a neat idea to think about.

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I think this is an accurate representation of the game.


OHOHOHOHO, FINALLY. A Dark Souls topic. Can’t believe I didn’t start one myself…
So. I bought DS2 5-6 months ago and fell in love completely with it. I’ve dumped well over 100 hours (a lot for me) into it and plan on far more (gotta get Scholar of the First Sin on PC!!!). How do I play? I like to walk up to an enemy and hit it till it dies!
I also have DS1, but I haven’t gotten very far. I think the last boss I killed was the gargoyles (RAAAAGE).
I don’t have Bloodborne but I really want it. Looks amazing.
I’ll shut up now.

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I guess to make things clear on how good I am (kidding) I have beat Dark Souls 1 seven times and I beat Dark Souls 2 once. I was on my second playthrough when my 360 broke.

I finished DS2, which was a game I thought had potential to be something really good but ultimately dropped the ball in a few areas, particularly lore, plot, and hitboxes. I went to DS1 afterwards as I heard it was way better, but never finished it, partially due to the horrendous frame rate.


Bloodeborne is love, Bloodborne is life.

I wish I knew more people with a PS4 to share my experiances with ;_;

This game is absolutely amazing, and my first dabble into a ‘souls’ game. Really love how fluid the combat is and the designs of all the beasts.

But what I really love is the lore.

Seriously, A Lovecraftian Victorian England setting? My oh my, I fell in love the minute I loaded up the game. The sinister feeling of knowing something is going on behind the scenes but you’re never quite sure what it is… the presence of creatures beyond your understanding. It’s an enthralling sense of dread and a very unique style of horror that isn’t very common. I wish there were more horror themes like this that put a bigger focus on suspense and the unknown over cheap jump scares and demon worshiping.


Dude, don’t spoil people the fun. Bloodborne starts as a gothic horror story and doesn’t seem Lovecraftian until a few hours in.

Witness me!

That gif works quite well with Mad Max as well.

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Currently working through DS1’s DLC content, regularly hurrah-ing for sorcery.

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Can I just take a moment to voice how sad I am that BloodBorne’s Multiplayer requires PlaystationPlus? I don’t have BloodBorne (or a PS4 yet), but I just found out the game requires PlaystationPlus for it’s online features. I am not going to waste my money on PlaystionPlus. Plus I am never using PlaystationPlus again. I freaking hate the service.


You know what? Screw it. I will get PlaystationPlus. I have the money right now and the deals on games are pretty good (at least from what I remember).