Deo's MOC Topic

Here i will be posting my MOCs, and i would appreciate constructive criticism to make them better


Well, the MOC looks good, but it is missing something. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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im uploading them now

eljay praying to the magnosteen gods

This is my MOC of Eljay!!!


clearer front picture


Oh @Nyran I spy a triple post stuck_out_tongue

It looks interesting, don't really like the masks on his back though And the different shades of green don't really mix otherwise it's not a bad MOC

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CC Updates like this don't count.

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Oh they don't? Huh oh well. Just thought I'd check.

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the is a ahem interesting Moc of eljay..... I don't know how to feel about it


I really like the lower legs, I feel I can steal and modify that for something,

otherwise I'm not a fan of you using my mask for his rear.
I'm kidding of course, though it's still isn't very flattering to my kakama...

I like the ideas used, though the final result could use some fine tuning, like filling the sockets on the legs, and adding some green to the arms.

also, good luck getting constructive criticism with a moc topic, barely anyone bothers.
I do because I know that, from experience.


Awesome leg design. Open sockets is a con however it looks good here unlike roodaka or keetongu. The burnt orange kakama looks pretty weird, but if your trying to bring out Eljay's personality it works well. /s

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I love the legs! However, the mismatched shoulder colors kind of bug me; you may want to fix that.

I like the color scheme. Very earthy. The lime green chest piece, and the translucent Miru kinda break it up, though.

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i really do but i cant find my second brown upper arm piece

@miraculousprime yeah. this is meant to be a toa of jungle, so the brown is like wood, and the green is like the leaves.

people really seem to like the leg design, so i dont care if you copy it on your own MOCs, i wont be offended, so MOC away!

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Does it work with the green kakama

Having a kakama there in the first place looks a bit weird IMO, but the color change does indeed help it look better. And I completely understand about the shoulders. smile


alright cool!

Biggest grip with the Eljay MOC are the legs, as they use the same piece for all three segments, making it very unusual looking. Plus open ballsockets.

I really like this one. I particularly like the color scheme.