Derenxi: Commander of the desonian shock troopers

So Derenix is as you can tell by the title Commander of the desonian shock troopers. And that’s all he has for a backstory as of right now. But when i have one i’ll update the post with it and tag anyone intersted.

Now for the pictures.

So that’s it. C&C is welcome as always.


I’m glad to see this thing finished! Really digging the color scheme, and I love how the torso looks, especially up towards the chest/shoulders.

I guess my only complaints are the waist and height. (The former looks pretty thin to me. Otherwise, I kinda want to see this guy built a bit taller, lol. It would probably take a lot of pieces to make this guy bigger though XD)

Otherwise, I really do like this build. The way everything overlaps and matches the overall aesthetic so well is just fantastic to me. I would rate this a 9/10, and I’m excited to see any future projects you may be working on :smile: Very well done.
(Sorry for all the text)


This is awesome dude!

I like the use of the Kaukau Nuva adaptive armor mask it flows well with the rest of the Moc especially considering that stud launcher on his arm and the brutaka sword on the other one! The color scheme of Dk blue and yellow also works well since they complements each other.

To summarize this is a great moc!


@StarBreaker Yeah the waist is something i will probably revisit in the future. And you’re right this would be hard to make any taller without giving him a titan design.

@Tarkur thanks. I’ve always wanted to make good use of the adaptive kaukau and that was actualy what this dude came out of.

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Awesome! Can’t wait for the story!

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Would you be interested in giving him a titan design later on? I feel like, with your MOCing style, it would look really, really flipping cool :smiley:

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@StarBreaker Sure. But i don’t know when it will be done. Might take a while. But i’ll tag you when i have something too show.

@EmperorDuckie It’s on its way. Glad people are intereste in it. If you want i taste i posted another moc from the same universe with back story and all. It’s called Minrux Onx. You should be able to find it in my posts.

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Really cool

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@cotorax thanks

Very nice, I love this style. God use of colour and those weapons are great.

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@Kardax thanks

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Wow. I liked the WIP when I saw it, but I didn’t think it would turn out to be this good. I love how the yellow accents the dark blue, black, and grey, and the way the tubes wrap around the MOC’s shoulders has a really cool effect. Somehow you even made Gali Mistika’s mask look good, and having both the winglets on the mask and the wings on the back is a nice aesthetic. Still, I have the same thing to say as the WIP: I don’t like those shoulders. Proportionally, the shoulder joint should either be higher, or the neck should be lower. But really, this still looks great.

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@jayzor17 Thanks.

You don’t think it’s the shoulder pads that make it look like the shoulder joints are too high or that the neck is too tall?

Awesome sauceome indeed .

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@ToaKatoro thanks

My only thing that I would change is that I think the neck is way too long. Other than that it’s great!


mmm, i see metru blue. me likey very much. but seriously, this moc is pretty messy and the color layering/blocking/distribution could use work, but besides that i dig it.


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@BrokenAxels yeah it looks messy. I’ll see what i can do about it And thanks

I really like this! Its messy but it is still good.

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@RogueToa thanks