Deriahk - Champion of the Skakdi

Hello everyone! I have returned with another old MOC!

(Deriahk’s Kanohi Miru is a custom 3D model designed and developed by gen.make.)

Deriahk is a prominent Skakdi, bounty hunter, and an ally of the Alpha Beings. Deriahk knows well how to carry himself in the material world, but he is suspicious of what he cannot see or touch. In times of crisis, he normally restricts himself until he knows exactly how to act.

After being rescued by Vavakx, Deriahk went on to serve him personally and formed a strong friendship with him. He garnered many achievements during his service, challenging the stereotype of Skakdi as wild and brutal beings. Seeking to help his people, he then used his reputation to push for the formation of the Skakdi Alliance on Spherus Magna.

When Vavakx died, however, Deriahk found himself without guidance and he began to question his purpose in life. He fell into a deep depression and ultimately decided to abandon his old life to go on a self-discovery journey.

Due to the reconstructions that he had to get to save his life, Deriahk lacks the external organic spine that normal Skakdi possess.

Deriahk has an unusual vision power that allows him to permanently reduce the physical size and strength of his targets, whether be objects or living beings. He also has the ability to change his armor colors at will and adopt camouflage patterns, allowing him to blend in with his surroundings or to take on disguises.

Like all Skakdi, Deriahk has access to a latent Elemental Power that he can only use if he combines it with the power of another Skakdi. His elemental affiliation is currently unknown, as he uses his camouflage powers to change his natural armor colors to keep this a secret.

Deriahk is able to wear and use Kanohi masks, something he learned through extensive training. For years, he wore a Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity. This mask was then broken, and he replaced with a Great Kanohi Miru.

Bonus old versions:



I thought that was just his face and he’d have trouble talking with that strip of flesh holding his mouth shut before i realized that was his Miru
This is a cool moc!


Lol, mask or not, that might still apply.

Thank you for the comment!

This moc is pretty nice. I like the color scheme and the shaping. The lore is cool as well

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Thank you!

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Love the custom skakdi head!


ooo nice - i like the mask design and the colors!

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As someone who had seen your BIONICLE YT series from 2007 onwards, it’s gonna be difficult to process Deriahk not wearing the Kanohi Garai. Regardless, construction-wise, I’m loving it a lot. My favorite design choice is the black Vahki heads and the orange Mahri armor as the shoulders and upper arms, very ingenious.


Thank you for the comment! Yeah, Deriahk has been wearing the Garai for so long that it will be hard to get used to his new appearance. I still keep the original MOC.

Yo, that 3d print is amazing!

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A skakdi Miru is actually brilliant.