Derp-a-saurs Rex

It was from a 30 min moc challenge "make an animal"

Edited formating -legomaster


I can't even I need a glass of wine for this one lol. It looks like a matoran not an animal try to make it more animal like next time

It looks as though it is a rahi (if you're trying to base it off of a real animal, I have't seen any animals like this!)
Not bad, but it is jubbled around and kinda confusing to look at. I feel if you first change it so that the color scheme matches, then it will look much better!

Is this a joke topic?

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It was for a 30 min challenge

Sorry for the miss leading words it's for a 30 min challenge @Umarak

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Alright, this really skirts being a joke topic (which is banned). That being said, challenge MOCs like this are more then likely gonna turn out a bit wonky (I've done a fair few myself). I'm gonna let this one slide on good faith.

I know that you and @Vulcanplays know each other, but I recommend that you denote excessively sarcastic posts with a "/s" or the like in the future. Happy boarding!


Sorry for my miss leading words It will never happen again thank you.

No problem man. Don't worry about it. Even if you do screw up in the future, it's not a big deal. Us Mods are here to make sure everybody can get along and have a good time. That being said, I highly recommend that you and @JuanTheDog give the rules and site tips a readthrough if you haven't already.

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HE IS MY BROTHER for the last time we use the same backdrops for that reason

Ok thanks for the update

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Me and him are brothers and thank you for not removing my picture.

@JonBlueFire It a dragon dog bat dinosaur hydra mix breed

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I'm not entirely sure about who you're addressing here. I never accused you in any way. BTW, I'd like to kindly remind you that outbursts like this (while understandable given you and your brother's current circumstances) are not appreciated here on the Boards. We do our best to cultivate a kind, happy, constructive community here. Angry outbursts have no place at a site like this.

@Vulcanplays @JuanTheDog, I apologize for the trouble you've been having. Our system is programmed to detect multiple accounts from the same IP (to prevent spammy dupe accounts). Unfortunately, your circumstance, while not unheard of, is uncommon. Apologies for the troubles you've been having. We hope you'll be able to integrate yourselves as positive members of our community.

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Thanks for the information

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colours are cool, blue and orange are always a plus