Describe TTV using symbolism

So this is some weird idea I had while cruising the plains of South Dakota. Basically do what the title says and use symbolism. I’ll make an example,

TTV is like a rock band. They have they’re main attraction hits, Eljay and his reviews and Var with his autopsies. And then there are the lesser known goodies like Invictus analysis. They have their roadies, the mod squa squad, who is less known but helps them them with their forum. And then there are the rabid fans, the people who adore them and treat them like royalty, and the haters, who burn their cds, (or roast the podcast in the comments.).

Anyways, this was just an example, I wanna see what happens with this idea, or if its just a flop.


The TTV is like a mental institution, you got a guy wearing a mask and yelling about red and blue pins to a wall.

And the rest of the patients are making fun of him while he refuses to take his meds. And theres another guy with severe depression always going on about how everything is terrible and it will never be good.



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TTV is like your friend telling you about joke in a cafeteria. It’s too loud to here anything, but you laugh anyway.


TTV is like a Steam library. It’s full of things you never play or watch, but you’re glad that they’re there. There are a few games in it you love to play, but when you look at “friends that play this game” the list is always empty, sans one or two people you met on the internet.


TTV is like Greek Gods and Goddesses, with Eljay being Hermes, Var being Zeus, Kahi being Ares, Meso being Poseidon, Viper being Athena, Prp being Artemis, Exx being Hades, & Takuma being Dionysus.


@Spiderus_Prime I think Eljay would make a better Ares. He’s always so angry and contentious.

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I’d switch Exx and Takuma.




To be fair, after reading the Bacchae… Yeah, Dionysus is pretty terrifying.
But yeah, Takuma would be a better Hades. And I could see Exx as Dionysus…
well… I don’t know actually… He’s um… quite the character, Dionysus is.

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Fixed months old spelling error -not_legomaster

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When life gives you lemons.

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TTV is like coffee. It’s an acquired taste, but once you decide that you like it, you’re hooked.


TTV is like a carton of milk three days over the expiration date

everyone assumes that it’s gone bad, but when you actually try it, it’s still totally fine


ttv is like bioincle, has many highs and so few lows that are not the fault of it but the fault of something out of there control.