Describe your G2 Self-MoC!

Like the title reads: Describe your G2 Self-MoC if you were restricted to only Bionicle 2015 parts.
What mask would it use?
What would the color scheme be?
Toa, Titan or Protector size?

Well, we got a limited selection so far…

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The only major changes Katarax would have to undergo would be switching out the head for a G2 one, adding a PoE mask, and replacing (or doing away with entirely) the wings.

It would be PoF’s arm without any armor.

So just a grey bone with a trans red hand


Mask: If I can’t pull together a decent custom head, then probably a PoE or PoI mask.

Colors? Probably black/white/trans blue.

Toa size definitely.

So essentially this with a few pieces missing.

Only bionicle 2015 or only ccbs?

Summer and winter wave only.

Imagine if G1 Bionicle and HF never existed.


Azure and black with gali’s mask. Toa size.

A former Mask Maker who was kicked out by Ekimu for not making masks “up to standards”. Now works as a blacksmith for various villages but is paid low.

Mask of Creation, but was retired to Ekimu shortly after he was kicked out. Now wears a regular protector mask.

Gold and Silver

Protector size

If Stoax were to undergo changes for G2, there would be some slight alterations in his aesthetic to suit Okoto’s tribal look. Rather than having juggernaut esq armor, I imagine G2 Stoax to have an appearance akin to that of a Gladiator or a heavily armored warrior with tribal markings on his armor. He would wear the Mask of Stone and his color scheme would be gunmetal and brown, plus his height would be the same as a Toa. As opposed to being a rookie special ops agent for The Hand of Arthaka, he would have been a member of the ancient city’s law enforcement, who helped in evacuating every one outside the city following Makuta and Ekimu’s fight.

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I don’t know’ I’ll have to think about it.

as of this moment… my G-2 self moc’s an ice protector with the PoJ/PoS build, and entire ice arms. Armorments include spiked sword and a snowflake/snow summoning sheild

so like
i can make custom bodies rite?

if so

Id probably make a custom torso, using gearboxes
colour scheme would be green lantern green and tran green, mask would probably be a miru, or a skull spider mask

I dunno what you would consider it
I guess toa size

oh you count summer too
In that case

mask is skull warriors

I kinda want to make a g2 self moc a bad guy
But I already got nisgi

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Onua’s Mask of Earth.

Black and White. Maybe Green Lantern Green.

Somewhere in between Toa and Protector. Kinda like Ekimu, but slightly taller.


Mask: Skull Warrior’s mask.

Color scheme: Black and trans-light blue.

Size: Titan for Bionicle is currently not that much larger that Toa, so I say titan.

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