Describe yourself using TTV Cast Members

It’s exactly what the title says. Describe a part of you (personality, looks, nationality etc.) by using TTV cast members. Here are a few examples of me:

1/2 exxtrooper 1/2 prpldragon

1/2 Eljay 1/2 Viper

(Try to refrain from using @ because I don’t want the cast to be flooded with messages from this topic)


I’m 100% @prpldragon

Also if you wanna mention me I’m fine with that :smiley:


Personality- 1/4 Eljay, 1/2 Exxtrooper, and 1/4 @Prpldragon
Nationality- Eljay or Meso (whoever’s closer)
Looks- Eljay 100% (Except the Phantoka Miru, not the Mata)
Voice- 1/2 Meso and 1/2 Exx
Intelligence: How should I know?

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Um I think I am 24% Eljay, 50% Viper and 25% Var.

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What’s the last 1%?


I don’t think I can do nationality, because I don’t think any of them are Korean or Computerize
But personality wise, I think I’m 20% Meso, 40% Prpl. and 40% Takuma.

I’m a mix of Meso and Viper. Deep voice and generally chill, but can be humorously unstable.


Probably Kahi.

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The cast lack my categorize depression, im going a mix between Eljay, prpldragon, Viper from being a punching bag from the few episode.

I’d probably say, personality wise, I’m 50% Var and 50% Eljay.

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I’m at least 90% unique. No one, cast member or otherwise, can match my depraved insanity!


I’m sort of half Takuma and half Meso.

"I’d say like Takuma with some Eljay that surfaces now and then

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In terms of personality, I’m a mix of Meso (laid back/mellow), Eljay (quirky aka weird ), and Takuma (quiet, but intelligent)…with a little bit of Var (I tend to laugh way too much–and too loudly. :stuck_out_tongue: )

In terms of voice, I’m a Meso/Var hybrid. …I don’t know how to explain this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much just Venom.

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Meso but Eljay at the same time

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Well The Ladies (@Viper and @prpldragon) formed my arms, Var and @Kahi formed my legs,@Mesonak formed my upper torso & and @Eljay formed…My Pants.

Your head?


Hm, I’d say probably 25% Takuma, 20% Prpl, 15% Eljay, 10% Viper, 10% Venom, 15% Exx, and 5% Meso