Desert Hut [Set Concept] (kinda)

Hello there, whoever you are!
So here is a small Brickonicle set I made.

The action should be set in Motara. The set represents a small hut, a small garden and some other side things.
1. The Hut

First of all, the hut should represent a typical house from Motara. It is a modest residence of a regular carver.

Inside the hut there is a small bed, a wooden chest, and a hotchpotch for a dead bush.
2. The garden

For the garden I inspired myself from the Minecraft sets, especially with the fence, which I’m pretty proud of. Nothing else to be seen here. Oh, have you observed those blue studs? They are Acid Flies: Rahi insects native to Motara. They are pretty fast, and pretty annoying, especially for the Matorans.
3. Side things

First of all, here is the owner of the hut, which is, as I said before, a regular carver, which is carving some flowers. Those two buckets are filled with colored paint, for the carver, to paint the flowers.

And here are two regular workers, trying to excavate the skeleton of a great Zivon: an old dangerous Rahi, to put it into a museum.

So that’s it! A small little set. I hope you like it. Tell me what you think about it and what I should change at it. See you later.


Little too simple IMO, other than that it’s pretty good.


As Morgy said, it’s pretty simple, but looks good. The small garden doesn’t really look good to me, and the skeleton also doesn’t look great. Besides those two things, it’s pretty nice.

OK, how could I improve them?

This really feels like a Minecraft set, which is kinda cool from a worldbuilding perspective. It doesn’t really fit the action/adventure focus of the theme, though.


It simply needs more detail, look at images for dirt houses or adobe style houses on google images and try and replicate that, then try and replicate some of Oomatu’s art and go from there. Once you do that you should have found a style.

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I’m me!

The set is pretty cool. I’d buy that especially for all those parts!

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The set looks alright, I think it would be pretty good for a smaller scale set (especially considering the fact that most of the set concepts are super big). The main problem with it is the lack of the whole ‘conflict in a box’ thing though.

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