Desert Ninja Assassin Robot

Ninja Assassin Desert Robot vibes pretty much. I’m pretty pleased with the overall look.


i don’t care for the elbows to much, but other than that i really like it

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I Agree the elbows could use some work

Very groovy MOC you have here. The Elbows could use some work.

I knew Keetongu’s species wasn’t dead! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love his design! He looks really cool!

I like it.
It’s a nice mix of system, probably a bit of technic and bonkle.
I don’t like the elbows too much, tho.
But besides that, this is great.

Nice use of system

Haven’t seen a one-eyed swordman for awhile.
Looks alright in some angels, but the exposed studs from the arms bugs me.