Desert Warrior/Hooded Exile

Quick backstory behind this MOC; back in 2019, I shared an apartment with a friend of a friend for a few months. It didn’t work out since they turned out to be an awful housemate, and I had to move back out if I didn’t want to get dragged into a pit of financial ruin. But at least initially things were cool, and they had a bucket of bionicle pieces they never touched sitting out in the living room. So one day out of boredom, I decided to poke around in said bucket (since a lot of the pieces were from the later years where my own collection ran dry) and see what I could build, resulting in a surprisingly coherent model despite the strange and limited selection I had to work with. And when I moved out, I was packing in such a rush that I accidentally brought that MOC with. Given my former roommate didn’t seem remotely interested in their Bionicle collection beforehand and hasn’t yet contacted me to demand a return… well, I guess it’s mine now?

Anyway, here’s the result.

A wanderer on Bara Magna, this mysterious exile wears a mixture of Skrall and Vorox armor. Naturally, the Agori are always leery of her presence, though thankfully she always keeps her distance from the villages.

Clad in armor built like a mountain, she maintains a striking balance of agility and groundedness in motion, while her wide feet allow her to traverse the shifting sands without difficulty. Any who would seek to ambush her from behind must contend with protection as jagged as the icy peaks of the white quartz mountains.

She has one other trick up her sleeve, as well; her enveloping cloak conceals a pair of elemental wind engines that allow her to turn herself into a projectile, shooting into the midst of her enemies or making an escape before they have any chance to react.

Some have wondered if she would ever intend to join combat in the Glatorian arenas. Who would she represent? What cause would she fight for? Would she give it her all, or hold back and remain as mysterious as always? Such questions remain unanswered for now, though, as she endlessly wanders the desert, searching fruitlessly for something still hidden a world away. Even she might not know the answers.

(Size comparison with Nuparu)

(The legs are a surprisingly involved part of the build. While not perfect, I am quite happy with how I used the shadow trap halves to fill out the backs.)

(The torso is the most complex element here, but also the one I’m least happy with overall, as it feels like convolution for convolution’s sake, and the waist is connected by a singular axle. If I were to revisit this idea someday this would likely see the most change, but I opted not to fix it up before taking these photos in the interests of keeping accurate to the limitations I was working with when I originally built this)

(The arms, at least, are fairly straightforward)

Possibly the biggest surprise, though, to Agori who have directly interacted with this stranger, is how personable and friendly she is in person. Never one to stay in one place for long, she regardless has little hesitation in helping those in need or defending caravans from Bone Hunters if she happens to be passing through. While she’s never revealed personal details or what’s hidden beneath the hood, she’s always interested in the lives of those she meets, if however briefly, and when the time comes to part ways, always gives a cheery wave and a salute before striding off into the sunset.


Cool. I how nice it looks despite its origins


Very cool! the weapon design is nice.