Designing A Custom Part, Need Input.

Hi there! Complete system noob here!

For the last month or so I’ve been trying to design the base for a CCBS/System compliant hand, and as you can see above, I’ve completely ripped and stitched on mixel sockets

As mentioned earlier, I am pretty much new to system outside the standard brick and plate so I need to know a bit more about the sockets used for ball joints on sets such as mixels.

Q1: Would applying fill material to my part prevent the thumb sockets from expanding properly?

(These questions are more for someone with more experience with 3d printing than I have.)

Q2: Since I’m probably going to run a test print on PLA rather than ABS, would neglecting that fill material increase the likelihood of the far left/right finger sockets to break off of the main piece

Q3: I know that PLA is rigid compared to ABS (or the stuff that Shapeways uses,) does that mean that the expansion required of these finger sockets to be usable will be too much tension/pressure for the PLA to handle?

Answers to these questions are going to be very much appreciated.

Extra Details

L;W;H - 27.511mm x 20.352mm x 8mm
Main Socket: Diameter 10.20mm (From earlier versions of this project, I know this socket works.)
Finger/Thumb Socket: Diameter 6mm
Design created in Fusion 360


Wow, this is looking really cool!


Looks good but it seems to be very wide. Is this just because of the angle in the photo?

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It is 4mm wider than the piece I was using as a base

This would be a really cool piece.

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I guess a quick heads up:

Last night I was able to bring existing Lego parts and chop them up for use in this model. As such I ran through some quick design changes and have updated the main body of this topic.

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i’ll try and talk to my drafting teacher about this, cause he knows more about this than I do.

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Hey there! Guess who ran a test print on the design currently featured in the main post? This guy!

Pinhole and stud are too small however. But I know how to fix that. For those interested, look forwards to a shapeways listing relatively soon!


This is NEEDED ! Awesome work there !