The last one of my winged beasties. This is Desmoduž. For all you zoology buffs out there, the name is a twist on the genus of vampire bats.



okay, now that all three are out, I can rank them.

  1. Graemlin

  2. Desmouz

  3. The Vukry

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The name sounds very Serbian
Great moc. Good job! Maybe try to brake the monotone legs with some black and/or dark red, but otherwise this is awesome.

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Nice! That’s exactly how I have them ranked as well.

As I said before, You should really replace the colors on the legs. Replace the red Bohrok limbs with dark red ones, and that’s all I have to complain about.

Overall, I love it (considering the Jutlin is one of my favorite kanohi ever). Keep it up.

Small parts count, but very creative! I have to say that this is one of my favorite out of the three. It looks really good and gives off a very nice vampire vibe!

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Mata Red and Metru Red don’t fit together that well, but aside from that, great work! I really like the use of those Castle Dragon Wings!

They don’t fit I. General, or just in this case? Because I use them together a lot.

This one, most recently

Really cool. Moc. Wings flow really well

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