Destiny 2

What are your thoughts on the latest installation to the Bungie Franchise? I personally love D2

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Eh. It’s better than the first but that’s not saying much.


But to be honest, I like it. I’m a nightstalker

I plan on getting it at some point.

Its the first one, but with a story. Though PVE is way to easy

Very good game, lots of fun, got boring quick though.

That’s a Biased opinion, it was fun for the first four weeks of grinding but then got kind of bland.

Well, I tried to take a neutral opinion, and honestly, I’m just glad I didn’t splurge on preordering the two expansions. Your point is valid, but does not apply to the vast majority of players.

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I’d have to agree with you on that one. I’ve never played Destiny 2, but I have played the original and not gonna lie, it does get stale after a little while. I’ve gotten my Titan to rank 34 and kept messing around outside of that, but it was mostly in short intervals after the first day or so.

Though looking at Destiny 2, I’d say that if you liked the first game you should enjoy it.

I refuse to buy this game.
Which annoys my friends profusely


This is me


Destiny 1.5 is just as bad as the first I’d say

“it has a story this time” I hear the cries, yeah but if the story’s horribly bland and forgettable, I think that’s worse then it being straight up bad


I’m well aware of the flaws. I still enjoy it, it’s a nice game to kick back to on a Friday and play with some friends, or play in the background while listening to a podcast or something.

I enjoy it very much.

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Yeah, it’s not even a good meme…

Congratulations bungie on being able to completely wipe out the PC community for this in one day.