Destiny Beta and Beyond

Who here will be/already is playing in the Destiny Beta? I will be, and I'm extremely excited for it to get here. Who here will also most likely be playing the final game a lot? I will be. stuck_out_tongue Maybe TTV should start a group or something if enough of us are playing.... stuck_out_tongue

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Going to get it for PS3 when it comes out, hoping to get Limited Edition with it... But now ghost edition. 150 bucks...

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I played the Destiny Beta on the PS4 and I'm looking into playing it again on the Xbox 360. So far, I've really enjoyed what this game has to offer, even if I've only experienced a sliver of it. Definitely looking forward to purchasing the full game on the PS4.


Can't wait for all the Playstation exclusive content!

It looks decent, but I'm not paying 60+ bucks for it. I have many more games to play.