Destiny War Poster

I just saw DuckBrick’s fantastic video summarizing every major event of Bionicle 2008 and it has got me thinking about how cool it would be to see it as a series. (Ideally the rest of Bionicle would be made into a series first)

Now for a random question just for the fun of it: If you had to choose 30 characters to be on a poster for a “Destiny War” series, which characters would you choose and why? (30 just seemed like a good number, but if you feel like there is a number that would fit better please share!)

My choices (in no particular order) would be:
1: Tahu
2: Gali
3: Pohatu
4: Kopaka
5: Lewa
6: Onua
7: Takanuva (These 7 being the “main heroes”)
8: Toa Ignika (Incredibly important new character)
9: Brutaka (Basically has his own story in 08)
10: Axonn (Brutaka’s partner)
11: Helryx (Leader of one of the two major armies of Destiny War)
12: Teridax (Main villain)
13: Icarax (Secend in command to the main villain with major plot relevance)
14: Mutran (Also has his own story)
15: Vultraz
16: Mazeka (These two also have their own story, sort of)
17: Takadox (Barraki rep, FoF member, showed up after FoF to attack the Mahri)
18: Vezon (Piraka rep, FoF member, showed up after FoF multiple times)
19: Roodaka (FoF member, leader of Visorak army which play a significant role in the war)
20: Jaller
21: Hahli (The Toa Mahri are important to the story, but not super important. Ideally I’d like to have them all, but with a limit of 30 I chose Jaller and Hahli since they were main characters before becoming toa)
22: Norik
23: Iruini (The Hagah are also important, especially in Dwellers in Darkness. Again, I’d like to have the whole crew, but for the sake of space Norik and Iruini are the more iconic members of the team)
24: Krika
25: Antroz (Since the main conflict is between the Toa Nuva and the Makuta, I figured that it would be important to have several of them show up. Krika is a fan favorite and Antroz is Teridax’s main lieutenant)
26: Tanma (Leader of the Av-Matoran resistance)
27: Galva (Leader of the Shadow Matoran)
28: The Shadowed One (Leader of the Dark Hunters, shows up a lot in the serials)
29: Hydraxon (Though he doesn’t show up in the main story much, he does show up in the flashbacks of the Toa Mata being trained. That felt significant enough to me to warrant a spot)
30: Tuyet (A large part of 08’s story was the alternate dimension plotline, and nobody represents that better than Tuyet, IMO)


I’d totally start it off with Matoro’s scene, him falling into place with that sick internal dialogue and the flash that set it all into motion.


If it wouldnt include Solek i will riot!

JK, i really love Duckbrick too, he makes amazing videos!

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i personally feel like that’s way to many for just a poster. i my view, front and center of the poster would be the kanohi inika, flanked by the toa nuva in a dynamic groupshot, at the bottom would be the toa inika and a light-bathed image of takanuva. at the top would be the shadowy form of teridax; one one side of him would be helryx, axonn and brutaka, on the other would be icarax, mutran and krika. in the background behind teridax’s form would be the symbol of the thre virtues.

so i think thats 20 right there, which even that seems like tis pushing it


That sounds epic! I think you’re right, 30 is quite a lot of characters.

Really awesome idea! I’d like to see someone make this in general!

I’d personally split it to have the karda nui fighters in one poster and everyone else in another. Both would have the Krahkaan as a backdrop and then tiered similar to the marvel posters for importance of characters. I’d have the Karda Nui one feature Matoro in the background as well as the codrex near the bottom.

Thank you :slight_smile: