I just started playing destiny on PS3, it’s AMAZING, so I wanted to create a discussion page. we should create a TTV or Bionicle clan for the game, if enough of the fanbase starts playing the game. What do you guys think?



My dad got chosen to beta test the game, but I waited too long to activate the code for it and it expired.

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I have an xbox, so it’s useless without live.

Don’t have it. yet

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I dont care for it
waht? someone here has to not like it!
and isnt there already a destiny topic?

I didn’t find one, so I made a new one.

What about Unity or Duty?

Didn’t you know? Assassins Creed Unity, Call of Duty, Destiny.


I just bought it and its absolutely AMAZING!
It’s another great game by bungie and has the quality of a next gen game(got it on ps4).
If I had to say some con it would be the unballanced multiplayer, where low levels with low guns have to face high levels with op guns and die quite fast. It doesnt matter after you have got a bit higher level.

Why hath Bungie not yet announced pc? It is the only ‘system’ I use. But anyway. Destiny looks so amazing.

I heard it was to be released in March,


I might buy it on PC if it goes on steam. I mean, I already have it for Xbox 360, but I might as well be able to play it with my friends who will be paying on PC.

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Is it official? I had heard a rumor.

I doubt it’ll be out for PC. Bungie has a track record of not doing PC ports.

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I dunno. Anyways I’m trying to save up for a Ps4, but in the meantime, anybody on PS3?

So I just picked this up yesterday and…


What class are you, Kay-He

He seems to be a Warlock.

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I just got destiny over the weekend. It’s pretty fun.

Still not compareable to Halo. Never do that, or I will track you down.