Destrabuild Explorer Moc

Destrabuild is a manufacturer for hero factory. The are know for their Explorer/Recon class drones and exoskeletons for heroes. This is an example of an Explorer drone.

Please critic the moc and tell me what you guys think. Honest opinions though! Even if you don’t like it.


Tool’s kinda weird, but the overall build is simple and clean. Reminds me of XT4.

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My idea in my head for this moc’s tool is that it’s an extraction tool that helps the explorer drone locate and dig up small raw ore veins.

not gonna lie, read this quickly and thought it said “Dora the Explorer Moc” :laughing:

But yeah, this seems pretty cool and basic. My only issue is the white fingers, as they seem to break the color scheme a bit.


I’ll check to see if I got some black or silver ones then.

Nice. Simply, clean, and just enough detail. The white fingers, tires on the jet pack, and tool placement are the only flaws. 8.5/10

Edit: Also I like the use of hands on the jet pack.

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Thanks! So I was thinking about the jet pack and it could also be tanks of some sort. Which in your opinion is better?

dig the drone look. simple and easy to make a horde of them…

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