Destrabuild Recon Moc

Destrabuild is a manufacturer for hero factory. The are know for their Explorer/Recon class drones and exoskeletons for heroes. This is an example of a Recon drone.

Recon drones are only strictly used on savage and untamed planets to insure civilian safety. Armed with a power claw and energized saw it fights through tough terrain to make way for weak explorer drones. It's weapons are powers by an engerized gel along with an old hero core to insure maximum efficiency.


Extremely messy color-wise, but there's nothing wrong with the build itself. Personally, I'd change how the buzzsaw is mounted.


Ya sorry about the colors, I need to order some new pieces. 😔 so since I had a limited range of pieces I made it the color scheme of the surge/nex combo and added extra green to it.

Those white parts seem... bootlegish ;w;

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They may in fact be bootleg hero factory parts. I bought a ton on eBay for really cheap and liked the logo on it so I built a company around that.

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