Destrik; embodiment of destruction

Part of a 2 part moc project. I’m basing creation and destruction off total opposites with destruction being all brawn no brains.

Just a good shot of the weapon. I designed it to be a bigger version of creations blade.


not too great. Bit too much mess and mass in areas. Rahkshi head and the ‘hat’ don’t seem so great for a head option. Looks abit off with the way the arms are too and that sword is just… no Looks like it has a function but the way it looks is abit bulky


looks alright, but as @JMP said

It looks like every day is chest day for Shadowgear XD

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I want to look like this for some strange reason.

Awesome job!
Is the other one creation?
If so, destruction looks a lot better IMO.

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I like the aesthetic, but it seems a little too short on the legs in comparison to that huge bulky body

I love the hat. I always love it when the Skrall shield is a hat.

Same here. Gives off an Asian vibe which is really cool.

Looks messy and clutered

His upper legs look a bit skinny, but other than that, nice job

Yeah. I already replaced his arms and legs along with completing creation.