Destroying an iMac Box

I offered my dad to do some chores for money, and while we were cleaning the attic we found this.

We got rid of the computer years ago, but for some reason we still had the box.

Some of the info on the box.

I was tasked with the challenge of destroying it.

My tools.

I removed the Styrofoam and cut open the bottom.

Next I tried the sides.

The knife didn't work so well, so I used my hand as a wedge to open the spine.

It all folds out rather nicely.

It doesn't fit...

Then something snaps. Primal instinct breaks loose and I start tearing it to shreds.

Then my dad walks in and tells me I'm not fast enough. He grabs the Styrofoam and starts breaking it. I growl at him and he runs away.

I look up from the mangled body on the floor. It is done.

I trudge over and dispose of the body.

I go over to the Styrofoam and stomp on it and scratch at it until it is no longer whole.

The only thing left are traces of blood on the wooden planks.

One might ask, "Why did you post this?". Let me ask you, why did you read this?


Nuuu not the cardboard box! :cry:

Should've just taken a hammer to it. That's what I do when somethings no longer of use, that or a pair of pliars.

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so true, originally i thought that you needed help destroying it, but halfway through i realized what it was, and I kept reading...


This has got to be the scariest horror story I've ever read... Hides in a blanket


This is my favorite topic of recent times.

Truly, an enlightening read. :clap:


Box dismemberment..

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Should have burned the remains.

I remember using an iMac computer when I was in first grade. It was weird.


You have committed a murder of box which is considered a felony

You will spend the rest of your life in box jail




just wonderful, destruction to boxes

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well those were some minutes well spent,

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