Details about Mata Nui's mission?

Hi Greg,

I hope the holidays have been treating you well. I’ve got some questions for you about a little-developed aspect of the Bionicle story, that being Mata Nui’s mission and how it was carried out. I realize that a lot of this was probably never fleshed out behind the scenes, but I hope that you can still clarify some of it for me, even if just with speculation.

So if you’ll bear with me here, let’s get into it:

  1. First off, with regard to MN’s visits to other planets, I have to wonder how a brand new island was a good form of camouflage? I imagine that it would draw nearly as much attention as a huge metal face, right? It’s been stated that the artificial plant life would normally grow at a slower rate sans EP, so does that apply to all of the island’s geography, so that it would appear to be forming naturally?
    a) Or, is the island completely formed at the start, and MN simply settles down away from inhabited land, using the island only as a precaution in the event that someone happens to sail by?
    b) Or, does it simply not matter what the natives think so long as this “unnatural” occurrence still has a hint of natural cause?
    c) It’s long been unclear to me, so just to verify: does the island actually copy the geographical characteristics of the planet, or is it only the flora that it mimics? I imagine most of the Bohrok types would be superfluous otherwise.

  2. Should any natives take notice of the island and go so far as to investigate it, should they even attempt to settle there, would it be expected that the Bohrok would drive them off before MN’s departure? Would that even be a concern of his? (I like to think he would avoid taking off with visitors on his face.)
    a) While on the Bohrok, do you have any guesses as to how long it would generally take for them to complete their job?

  3. Keeping in theme with his covert ops, how does MN handle arrival and departure without notice? Does he have some sort of perception filter that he can invoke long enough to pass unnoticed? Does he simply try to move only during the night? Some combination of methods?
    a) Again, I like to think he would be considerate of the native life, but might he be any less concerned about being seen on departure?

  4. Having been abroad for such a long time, how long would MN stay on any given world? Would it depend on what he found there?
    a) Could he determine before landing if a planet would have activity worth observing, or did he visit them all regardless?
    b) He stayed within the Solis Magna system, correct? Might he have ever revisited planets during this time, or was he kept busy enough just visiting each once?

  5. Are the robot’s sensors capable of picking up everything across any planet he visited? Or would MN have to reposition after some time to observe other parts of the world?

I know some of this is oddly specific, but I’d greatly appreciate any time you can give to illuminate these things for me. Thanks in advance!


I like how this entire thing only works if there’s a gigantic amount of water for the GSR to take up
Also is there no consideration to the amount of waves this would create?


this also begs the question of how many bohrok nests there were and if there were bohrok of other elements (not including kal)
being that mata nui was massive, i doubt his face was the only thing that would need cleaned

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