Detective Pikachu

Well this… Exists. I honestly can’t believe I’ll live to see the day an official live action pokemon movie comes out in theaters.

What’s even more surprising is that this actually looks good! I’m legitimately looking forward to the live action Detective Pikachu movie! I’m still coming to terms with that.

But what do you think? Good? Bad? Love it? Hate it? There’s definitely a lot to discuss here.


I can’t believe this will happen

Have no idea what to say. This is something else.

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It does actually look good, and that is really confusing.


Pikachu just looks uncanny. I think it’s the fur and the eyes.

WHAT? No! Stop! Live-action Pokémon? Why is this a thing? I’ll watch the trailer later.

Is… is detective Pikachu being voice by Ryan Reynolds? IS DEADPOOL VOICING A PIKACHU?! AHAHAHAHHAA!


The trailer is really good.
This might actually be decent.

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“Put down the stapler, or I will electrocute you!”

Never considered that I would hear that sentence, much less in a trailer for a feature film.


Honestly the concept of a smarmy, sarcastic, brazen a hole of a pikachu never really occurred to me, but I kinda love it.

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I am


Mr. Mime helped me decide: I actually want to see how this turns out.

Real looking Mr. Mime and Pikachu sent me into the uncanny valley. But now that I’ve rewatched the trailer over and over they’re starting to look better.

I actually think this looks good, I’m excited for it.


Deadpool as pikachu is reason enough to go see this.


This movie is gonna look uncanny but I’m still gonna see it, although it’ll be a make or break for live action Pokemon movies.

We finally have Anime in real life…

Pikachu looks a little odd, more of just a cuddly toy which is alive and has Deadpool’s voice. But I think this is going to be a OK movie, even for non Pokemon fans. Even I, which I was never into Pokemon or Animes might watch it.

I was wondering how they would do live-action Pokemon.

Do I now wish I didn’t know?

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CGI is gorgeous but it’s also scary.

I wish the Greninja were slimy like frogs.

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Personally I’m most excited for the photorealistic Bulbasaur parade.


It looks really well done.

If anything, this movie will at least look good.