Deus Ex

Anyone here play anything from the Deus Ex series? The original game (2000) is easily my favorite game of all time (as you can probably tell from my avatar). I still believe that, despite its flaws and its age, its level design and the amount of freedom it offers is still unparalleled to this day. I’m also a massive fan of the modern prequels (Human Revolution and Mankind Divided).

For anyone who hasn’t played these games, I’d highly recommend them to anyone who likes RPGs, stealth games or any story driven games as a whole.

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I loved the original back when it first came out, but I have to say that the name always bugged me

How so? I’m pretty sure the name was supposed to be an observation on the poor quality of video game story-telling at the time (referencing the phrase ‘Deus Ex Machina’) as well as a reference to the theme of transhumanism.

Because it translates to"god from" which bugs me

I’m pretty sure it’d be ‘from god’ if it was on its own like it is in the title, and that fits in well with the theme of transhumanism.