Devastator the dark hunter

This moc is a ccbs recreation of a dark hunter named devastator.

from front from back

This is probably the last moc I will be posting in a while. I have many work in progress mocs but don’t have the pieces to finish them yet.


Coolio I like the head.

Thanks, a lot of the dark hunters have custom heads, so I tried to implement that.

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Body build seems a bit generic and small for the proportions of the moc. Could’ve used a custom made wide torso and longer thighs to further recreate the original look of the original dark hunter, if that’s what you were going for. Looks nice and sleek, and the bulk of the armour was put in the right places. Nicely done.

I like the way that you made it look slim and muscular with just the right amount of armor. The head reminds a little bit of a barraki!

Thanks for the suggestions, devastator was originally a giant creature but here I wanted to down the size a little. I’m planning to make many more dark hunters with more unique builds in the future so this one I just built with pieces I have now. Also I want the shadowed one to be the biggest.

“Prepare for Devastation”
sorry, I just had to, this cool very consistent color scheme and no blue pins anywhere, Eljay would be proud


lol, thanks for the feedback.

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looks like a beast bro! I like that he is armored perfectly around the legs from the front and back like a suit. best case of leg armor I’ve seen. that’s something I can’t do…

Thanks, those three long Technic pieces with the ball joint are awesome! I need to buy more.

I could totally see this in another Dark Hunters book for CCBS builds.

Why isn’t it a lime-green and purple combiner?

Aww well! He’s really cool looking! I almost get bipedal catfish vibes, which is new, original, and can be pretty scary! Have another cookie! :cookie:

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Because I based if off of this:


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Oh… Never mind! You… Got the joke, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it a transformers reference? I’m not a big fan of it, but I get subjected to it anyways :laughing:


Where is my GIANT combiner?
Good MOC though


Ummm… Possibly? :laughing:

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Abort, ABORT!

Thanks :smile:

Just gonna leave this here… :laughing:


There he is
[size=8]hijacking complete[/size]