Devil Crabs (Rahi moc)

Once found all over Mata Nui and Metru Nui, these relatives of Ussal Crabs dominated the rahi ecosystem. Once they started intruding on the Matoran’s land, however, they were deemed pests and hunted to near extinction. They now only survive in Onu-Wahi and Ga-Wahi, where they had adapted to their unique environments,(hence the differences in color and minor differences in builds) where they earned the name Devil Crabs; due to their retractable horns, and their relation to Ussals.

Default Position

Side View

Claw Comparisons

Display Stance

Pewku and the Devil Crabs

I plan on eventually making a queen/king devil crab, using the printless Invasion from Below beast heads as claws, but I don’t plan on starting that for a couple months. I hope you enjoyed, feel free to leave criticisms/critiques and whatnot below!


I Love This!
it’s so cleasn as crab-Rahi! :blush: :blush: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Aww these are nice, almost an in-between stage for the small and massive versions.

Do they lay deviled eggs? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh, I like these…

It’d be cool if g2 had some small sets, combo models, or alternate models, like this, to flesh out the world of Okoto. G1 bionicle, especially in it’s earlier years had a lot of diverse rahi, and they helped to show what life was like on Mata Nui.

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Thanks! I wanted them to be a slightly larger “cousin” of Ussal crabs, so it sounds like I did a good job.

I agree, I hoped, back in 2015, that there’d be a $40-$50 set with two small Okotan villagers, 2 skull spiders in their comic-exclusive colors with a big Pewku-like rahi, with legs that tap up and down as it moved, but alas, nothing of the sort ever happened. I made these to look like they could fit in either generation, so I’m glad you enjoyed

:crab::crab::crab: MAKUTA IS GONE :crab::crab::crab:


D’aww, these are so cute. It’s kinda throwing me off that the front claws don’t really look any different than the legs, but these are still some fantastic builds.

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The front claws have little lower claws, they just aren’t displayed well in the photos, and they were intentionally made to look like the other legs, as to make them different, allowing them to go from “hands” to legs, as to differentiate them from real crabs. I will change the hand design when I made a third, larger crab though, but that won’t happen for a few months.

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